Why do women wear the wrong bra sizes throughout their lives?

85% of women wear the wrong bra sizes throughout their lives. Wearing the wrong bra size often leads to shoulder pain, chest pain, bad posture, suffocation, disturbed blood flow, and discomfort.

Let’s explore why do women wear the wrong bra sizes throughout their lives?

Poor way of measurement

Most of the women don’t know how to measure to get the right bra. Often while measuring for bra size women don’t stand straight or measure too tightly or loosely that leads to the wrong bra size and ultimately a wrong bra. Refer to the following article to know how to measure bra size correctly.


Some women are ignorant and don’t care or understand the importance of the right bra. Any piece of bra from sale or friend or mother or sister works for them. Ah ladies that’s not a thing to be ignored. The ill-fitted bra can make you look older than your real age. Read what an ill-fitted bra can do to you?


Some women are shy to talk about breasts or bras. Thank God due to Ecommerce things have changed a lot. We can now order anything at any time at home. But 6 to 7 years ago things were not so easy. Bra shopping from a store was a nightmare for some women because of some past bad experiences or shyness to discuss boob sizes with unknown people. Good luck ladies with your bra shopping now.

shy to buy bra

Poor standardization of bra manufacturers

Bra manufacturers are also responsible for why do women wear the wrong bra sizes throughout their lives? Every woman’s body is different. Menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding makes different changes in a different woman. But manufacturers don’t take these changes into account while manufacturing bras and produce bras in bulk that resuls in more ill-fitted bra users.

Also, manufacturers have established bra-making standards in their way in our great-grandma times by only doing research on their local communities and up till now, they are following them.UK 34BB is not equal to US 34BB. An international standard of bras should be established like shoes, clothes to cover this gap and to produce standardized bras all over the world.

Frequent body changes

Women have complicated bodies and many women don’t know about it. Sometimes one of the breasts is bigger than the other or their bra size fluctuates a lot due to hormonal changes hence wearing the wrong bra size. It is recommended for these complicated woman to wear free-size bras or go for custom bras.
frequent body changes


Intention to try to look young or heavy often leads to wrong bra size shopping. Sagged bobs ads age to your look and women try to cover them with a bra smaller than their sizes to look tighter. Similarly small chested women wear the wrong bras to achieve deep cleavage and a heavy look. Our beauty standards are destroying someone’s life’s AHHHHHH. Breasts are made up of flexible and sensitive tissues and wearing the wrong bra in a long run can destroy your look and body and make you look D shape.

Signs you are wearing the wrong bra:

  • Red marks on the body you cannot move properly
  • You don’t feel support even after wearing a bra
  • Pain in shoulders and chest
  • You feel suffocated
  • Bra opens up automatically
  • Boobs don’t get any lift

What an ill-fitted bra can do to you:

  • Wrong bra size can disturb the blood flow in your body. A tight bra will press the thin blood vessels present in the skin and blood will not get space to flow at a normal rate. Red marks on the body under the bra are a sign that you are wearing the wrong bra.
  • A loose bra will not provide the required support and the breast will remain suspended and moving like a yoyo.
  • An ill-fitted bra will wear out more quickly than a well-fitted bra because it was more stretched than it was meant to be in case you bought a smaller bra than your size. Similarly, a loose bra will lose its shape because of the wrong size.

If you are one of the above-mentioned women that it’s time to pay a little attention to your body. Either go to a bra fitting expert or try a free-size bra to prevent irreversible harm to your body…

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