What type of bra should I wear to hide nipples?

Our society is molded in a way that we are compelled to hide nipples. But why? To look young or we think they are a sexual thing that needs secrecy to attract the opposite gender. Whatever the reason is here we have listed some bras to hide nipples.

nipple cover

Nipple covers:

Nipple covers are small adhesive silicone covers usually a bit larger than nipples mostly round in shape that can cover nipples perfectly. If you don’t want to cover full breasts that this is an option for you. Nipple covers come in different designs and styles and are available everywhere. Easy to wear and maintain and provide full coverage to nipples.

Padded bras:

A good quality padded bra always provides full coverage to nipples. The best option is if you are struggling to hide your nipples. Padded bras have a built-in layer of cotton that increases your size as well as provides coverage.

invisible lift up bra

Pasties Petals Adhesive Pasties Bra:

Pasties are meant for women who don’t want to wear bras but want to cover nipples and areolas for modesty and decency. Again, pasties are made up of skin-friendly material that is easy to wear and manage. Pasties are like stickers that are applied and removed like a sticker but know how to do their job.

Any bra of think material:

Any bra that has thick material can cover nipples and hide the erection until and unless you have some abnormal erection.

make up removar pads

DIY method to cover nipples:

If you have a silk bra or any other bra that does not cover /hide nipples there is a DIY method to make a full coverage bra out of it. Take some cotton and press it to make a pad of it like make-up remover pads. You can also take makeup remover pads to make a DIY nipple coverage bra. Now wear your bra and put the cotton pad inside your bra on top of your nipples and you are ready to go. Your bra is ready.

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