What is the letter ABCD in bra?

ABCD represents the volume of the breasts i.e. how much flesh is in the boobs. A or AA represents a small volume B represents a bigger volume than A, C represents a bigger volume than B, and so on. Let’s look in detail at how to determine the volume of breasts in the letters.

How breast volume is mapped to alphabets:

Each letter size is the one-inch height of the breasts from the skin to the areola. A is one inch from the chest, B is two inches from the chest and C is three inches from the chest skin—a double size DD represents a wider breast, not a heavier breast DD is not an E cup size.

Measuring breast volume is simple than you think. Breasts volume is also called cup size or bust size. It is measured by wrapping a measuring tape around your breasts as shown in the figure. You can know more detail about how to correctly measure breast volume at home.

Bras have two parts of their size. The band size the measurement around the rib cage, measured in inches or centimeters. In inches, band size goes from 28-50 or 70-125 for centimeters. The cup size is measured around the fullest part of the breasts, i.e: the nipple.

If the band size is 34 and the cup size is 35 then the bra size will be 34A see the following formula:

Bra size is
Band size. (difference of band and cup size).

The 1-inch difference is A two-inch difference is B and so on. A shows breast volume that is 1 inch 2.5cm larger than band size. B that is two inches bigger than band C that is three and so on.

Upon reaching D cup size get complicated as the breast becomes heavier and wider. So to cover wider areas DD/DDD sizes are also available that are the same in height as D but wider than D.

bra cup size difference

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What do different cups size look like?

The smallest cup size available is AA or A. Usually, teenage girls have these cup sizes and it’s more towards a flat look.

Cup size B is a more feminine look. Boobs are a little heavy than A size and look girlish.

C cup is a classic complete woman look. Usually, most women around the globe are a C cup. C cup is much heavier than an A cup and gives a womanish look.

D cup or above are bulkier married mama type look as compared to smaller cups that look more girlish. Usually married or plus-size women are D cup and above.

Heavier cups were praised and admired a couple of years ago and were thought of as a beauty symbol. But things are changed now. Smaller cups are in more favor now because they exhibit a younger girlish look. Many celebrities like Victoria Beckham went from size A to size D through breast augmentation but later she regretted her decision and went back to size B to achieve a more girlish younger look.

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