What is the difference between a bikini, bra, and Lingerie?

Bikini, bra, and lingerie almost look like same but in reality, they are different. A bikini is worn as a swimsuit and is usually made up of quick drying material. Bras are made up of absorbent material and are worn to achieve coverage and support. Lingerie is used as a general term to represent all female undergarments. So we can say bras are a subset of lingerie and many others like panties etc.

The three objects look alike and do the same function but the main difference between them is the fabric material and the occasion they are used. Here is a detailed explanation of how they look and how to use them.



A bikini is a set of two-piece undergarments that are worn on sea sites. It’s usually made up of very less fabric and provides coverage just to the point. But there are high coverage options available nowadays that cover the full tummy with complete butt coverage.


Lycra is preferred for bikinis because of its following qualities:

  • Highly stretchable material that does not halt movement while swimming
  • Remains lightweight even after absorbing water
  • Retains shape even after aggressive uses
  • Durable due to its higher retractive force to withstand salty and high chlorine water.


As a swimsuit in summers on any sea site.



In the beginning Bra’s main function was to provide coverage and support to the breasts. But with time bra was refined to do many other tasks like enhancing cleavage and breast size visually for small busted women and compressing breast size for heavy busted women.But there are many other uses of bra.


The fabric of Bras is limited to nothing from transparent to velvet, from lacy to silk, lightweight, soft soothing to touch.


Any occasion at offices, schools, universities, gym, home. The bra can be worn 24/7.



Lingerie is a generic term to represent all the undergarments female wears. We can say the bra is a subset of lingerie.
No doubt word lingerie provokes some sensual feeling in the head “sexy figure” that is correct up to some extent. That is because lingeries are specially designed to make your special moments special. Lingerie is divided into two categories: the first one is the basic one that provides support and coverage and the other is the sexy one that pushes you towards a sexy look with enhanced cleavage and perkier boobs. We can say that lingerie’s objective is to make you sexually appealing and comfortable.


The fabric nature of the Lingerie is the same as that of bras and bikinis from transparent to comfy lacy cotton.


On special occasions when you want to attract the opposite.

Can you wear a bikini as a bra?

Yes, It will work just fine. Nobody will have an idea what are you wearing underclothes. But some bikinis may not feel comfortable because of ties and ruffles. Opt the bikinis with minimal details.

Can you wear a bra as a bikini top?

Yes, nobody can stop you from wearing a bra as a swimsuit, however, keep in mind that bra fabric does not hold the resistance to salt and chlorine that a bikini has. So if the situation is very bad then wear a bra as a swimsuit. Wash the bra immediately with fresh water afterward. Also, the cotton bras will absorb more water and will take longer to dry which will make your swimming uncomfortable.

Before wearing a bra as a swimsuit, consider the following:

  • Avoid lacy bras. Lace can give you a rash when it becomes wet
  • Avoid cotton material. Cotton absorbs a lot of water and will make your swimming uncomfortable

Can you wear lingerie as a bikini top?

Wearing lingerie to the beach is a big nooooo. Lingeries are meant to expose more…. wet lingerie can expose your private parts and can lead you towards awkward situations. Keep it for your special time only. Also, lingerie fabric will not be able to handle the high number of salts and chlorines and can become unusable.

Can you wear lingerie as a bra?

Yes, lingerie can do a job bra of supporting and covering you can wear it underneath your clothes. But it is recommended to take less advantage of lingerie to keep it in new condition as long as possible because lingeries are more expensive than bras.

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What is the difference between a bikini, bra, and Lingerie

What is the difference between a bikini, bra, and Lingerie?

Bikini, bra, and lingerie almost look like same...

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