What do boys think of bras?

All girls and boys have some fundamental differences. Sometimes girls are curious to know what boys think about periods or bras or makeup and sometimes boys are curious to know what girls think about beards or balls. So, we asked different questions to boys about how much they know about the bra?

What do boys think of bras?

Q1:What do boys think of bras? Why do girls wear bras?

Jeremy: I think for fashion. Girls don’t need to wear bras but they just do for fashion.
William: To look perky and attract boys
Jayden: Girls wear a bra to shirk harassment because no one will be able to touch boobs or press them when she is wearing a bra
Noah: A girl wears a bra because other girls also wear it
Michael: To hide their boobs from boys
Correct answer: A girl wears a bra to get coverage, support, and control bounce

Q2:What do boys think of bras? What do you think how many bras a girl owns?

Jeremy: I think one bra per day and the final answer is 30
William: 7 bras
Jayden: I think 2 bras because nobody sees the bra
Noah: 30 bras
Michael: 7 bras for the whole week
Correct answer: Varies from person to person but at least on average a girl owns 4 bras

Q3:What do boys think of bras? How many hours it is recommended to wear a bra?

Jeremy: I think medically 3 hours, but girls wear more than that
William: No bra No smoking
Jayden: How she is comfortable with its up to her.
Noah: 24/7
Michael: Whenever she must wear a bra
Correct answer: A well-fitted bra can be worn 24/7

bra cost

Q4:What do boys think of bras? How much does a bra costs?

Jeremy: 2 bucks
William: $180 or more
Jayden: $50
Noah: Not sure I think cheap bras $25 and Victoria secret bra $4000
Michael: $500
Correct answer: A bra price ranges from $30 and $1000 plus

Q5: What do boys think of bras? How do you know that a bra is fitting correctly?

Jeremy: Finger test. Put two fingers under the bra if fingers go inside then it’s a well-fitted bra. If fingers can’t go inside it’s a tight bra or if more than two fingers can penetrate easily it’s a loose bra.
Jayden: when she is comfortable in it
Noah: When she can dance in it
Michael: When bra suspends the boobs to the back
Correct answer: Sings you are wearing a well-fitted bra

Q6: What do boys think of bras? Do girls need to wear a bra when she sleeps?

Jeremy: No, she should sleep without a bra otherwise boobs will go inside.
William: Yes, she should otherwise boyfriend will eat them
Jayden: No, she shouldn’t how will I play with boobs
Noah: No boobs will come in a dream and will scare her. Boobs want to come out of the cage
Michael: I don’t know
Correct Answer: Yes, a well-fitted bra can be worn during sleep. But there is no problem taking the bra off during sleep.

padded bra

Q7: What do boys think of bras? What is a bomb bra?

Jeremy: A bomb bra? A bra that has a hidden bomb in it that a girl can explode when someone harasses her.
William: A bra that can do a firing
Jayden: A bomb bra is a massaging bra that is massaging the breasts continuously
Noah: A bomb bra is a shape of a bomb. Looks like a bomb that is ready to explode.
Michael: A bomb bra will make the girl bomb or hot in winters.
Correct answer: A bomb bra is a padded bra that makes small breasts look heavy

Q8:What do boys think of bras? What will happen to the bra if put in a drier?

Jeremy: It will dry as normal clothes do
William: Bra will get tangled with other clothes
Jayden: Born will be torn upon into pieces like a paper
Noah: Bra will lose its shape and will not fit anymore
Michael: Bra will remain bra in a dry will behave like a bra and will come out like a bra.
Correct answer: Bra will get tangled with other clothes. It is recommended to sun dry the bra or if you must have to dry, dry it in a bra bag.

Q8:Can a bra hurt?

Jeremy: A bra has a wire in it that can hurt on ribs
William: I think bra presses the boobs it can cause breast cancer.
Jayden: Bra will tear upon into pieces like a paper
Noah: Bra will lose its shape and will not fit anymore
Michael: Bra will remain bra, will behave like a bra, and will come out like a bra because the bra is a bra.
Correct Answer: Yes a bra can hurt if it is an ill-fitted bra

Q9: Name things girls can stuff their bra with?

Jeremy: Why girls do so? To look heavy-breasted. Ohh no. I think a saucer that looks more like breasts
William: I think a tennis ball or any round thing.
Jayden: Bra within a bra or tissue paper or toilet roll
Noah: Oh, I have seen on youtube cabbage leaves girls to stuff their bras with cabbage leaves.
Michael: Mobile I have seen girls who keep mobiles in their bras or watermelons or lemons or cupcake or orange or apricot, or avocado or melon.
Correct answer: Socks or silicone cutlets that are specially designed to look perkier and heavy.

types of bras

Q10: Name five types of bra do you know?

Jeremy: First beige bra. Second beige bra, third beige bra, fourth beige bra, and fifth beige bra
William: Sexy bra, sports bra, padded bra, wireless bra, and a free size bra.
Jayden: A net bra, silk bra, cotton bra, lace bra, no bra
Noah: White bra, black bra, red bra, yellow bra, pink bra, beige bra
Michael: A carton bra, a beaded bra, a bomb bra, a wired bra, a backless bra
Correct answer: Padded bra, push up bra, tube bra, racerback bra, maternity bra

Q11:What does a bra size mean?

Jeremy: Weight of the boobs
William: Length of the boobs
Jayden: Volume of boobs
Noah: Width of boobs
Michael: Radius of boob
Correct answer: Cup size is an alphabetic number that is the volume of boobs and band size is a measurement of ribs cage

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