To-do list to increase bra life

Bra needs special care and maintenance to do its job. Here we have listed some steps that will help you maintain your bra for a longer period to save money and comfort. Don’t worry these are very simple to follow and most of them you may be already following.Lets begin how to take care of bra.

Step 1 To increase bra life: Buy a well-fitted bra:

An ill-fitted will not only create discomfort for you but will also expire before due time. A tighter bra than your required size will lose its shape and elasticity very soon because it will be stretched more than it’s meant to be on the other hand looser bra will become d-shape because due to its ill-fitting. Only a well-fitted bra can last longer because it will be serving the breasts for what it is designed for.
It is strongly advised to always buy a bra from the store after trying 3 to 4 bras or seek help from bra fitting staff present at your favorite bra stores. Online bra shopping always sucks, you will end up wasting money and time.

bra shuffling

Step 2 To increase bra life: Keep bras shuffling:

Don’t wear the same bra for more than one day. Elastic needs rest to retain its original shape. Otherwise longer stretch will deteriorate bras life and the bra will expire before its due date. To understand if you pull a spring from both ends more than its maximum limit it will not go to the original shape it has before the pull.

Step 3 To increase bra life: At least keep three bras:

If you own only one or two bras you will not get a chance to shuffle or wash them on time to retain their shape. Whether you are a student, housewife, mother, or working lady nobody has time to do laundry on daily basis. At maximum laundry can be done two times a week, so, it is recommended to at least keep three bras to maintain them in shape and save bucks.

Step 4 To increase bra life: Keep bra in its case:

If your bra comes in a special case, then keep your bra in that when you are not wearing it. Silicone adhesive bra comes with special packaging, so it is always advised to keep them in that to retain their shape and health. Doing so will always please you because you will get a bra as fresh as just a store-bought bra.

keep bra separate

Step 5 To increase bra life: Keep bras separate from other clothes:

The bra has straps and hooks that can easily get tangled with your other clothes and make knots. You may either damage your clothes or bras or both and it will be very disheartening. So to prevent your clothes from damaging keep your bras and clothes in separate spaces.

Step 6: To increase bra life: Properly fold the bra:

If your bra does not come with a special case then to retain the bra shape always fold your bra in its natural shape. Keep cups on one other and then place them in a drawer. Don’t fold it more than once and don’t throw it in a drawer without folding. It’s very conducive to fold the bra properly to keep the bra in its original shape and structure.

Step 7: Hand wash bra:

Usually, bras are made seamlessly and delicately to make them invisible when you are wearing them. This feature makes the bra an accessory that needs special care and handling. Machine washing is sometimes very rough and can ruin your bra health. Always hand wash your bra. Don’t be afraid hand washing is not difficult as you are thinking.

  • Take some water in some bucket or any pot that is easily available to you. Half fill the container with Luke warm water and some shampoo or a mild detergent in it. Then soak your bra in it and forget it for half an hour.
  • After half an hour rubs your bra with soft hands to remove any stains and dirt. It will just take 30 seconds to one minute.
  • Then throw that water and put clean water in the container. Rinse your bra repeat rinse if you think water is not clear and then sit your bra on any rack to sundry it.
  • It is also recommended to use a fabric conditioner to maintain bra shine and shape

If you still think that washing a bra is not an option for you then wash your bra in the washing machine in specially design mesh bra pouches that keep the bra safe from tangling with other clothes.

Step 8: Wash with a mild detergent:

Washing powder and detergents contain strong chemicals to remove stubborn stains and dirt from clothes. The bra is an innerwear accessory and is not directly exposed to impurities. So It can be cleaned with a mild detergent or shampoo to remove any dirt and also doing so will maintain its softness and shine for a longer stretch.

Step 9: Sundry the bra:

Spinner spin clothes aggressively that will extremely ruin your bra health. Again, bras are very delicate, and spinning them in drier will destruct their structure and shape. Always sundry the bra and if the sun is also very harsh on that day then dry them in shade to protect color and softness.

dont share bra

Step 10: Don’t share the bra:

Often friends share bras for fun or to impress others that one owns more variety. The bra can easily take shape of others because of its elastic structure. The same bra will not fit you anymore and a well-fitting bra will become an ill-fitting bra. Don’t hesitate to say no when it comes to sharing a bra to protect yourself from regretting later.

Step 11: Use bra as bra:

Bra as a bra doesn’t make your bra your hand towel, duster, a rope, or a kitchen mat to grab hot things. Bras fabric is extremely delicate and will not tolerate if mishandled.
Practicing the above-mentioned steps will keep your bra in its shape and design and you will feel your bra as fresh as a new store-bought bra. Usually, a bra lasts for up to 18 months but if you handled it with some care and lovely it will increase your bra life and you will end up saving coins.

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