Signs of a well-fitted bra

Don’t’ want to learn what science says about a well-fitted bra….. here we have listed some signs understandable by even a teenage girl about a well-fitted bra. 85% (3.5 out of 5) of the woman population wear an ill-fitted bra throughout their life because of lack of knowledge, wrong measurements, lack of interest or to save some coins. Wearing an ill-fitted bra is the same as wearing ill-fitted shoes that provide no coverage and support but pain and discomfort. So, let’s check out how a well-fitted bra feels and check does your bra has all of these qualities.

First sign of a well-fitted bra: No feeling:

A well-fitted bra sits so well on the body that becomes part of it and does not give any feeling at all. For example, to understand you can take the example of socks, you wear them full day and night and don’t feel you have anything put on your feet. But keep in mind new bra may feel a little tight until the first to second wash and will become feeling less after that.

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Second sign of a well-fitted bra: No digging:

A well-fitted bra does not dig into the skin but snug fit. If you see red marks on the body chest and shoulders it means your bra is not fitting properly and is too tight. Lose the straps by moving forward the adjacent clips present on straps and fasten the bra hooks at their loosest position. See if it works otherwise throw it and buy a new bra.
If you feel that your bra straps are dripping from your shoulders then you may need to move the adjacent clips to a tighter position as a quick fix (towards the back of the bra). See if it works otherwise get yourself a new well-fitted bra.

Third sign of a well-fitted bra: Improves posture:

A side and overlooked benefit of a well-fitted bra is improved posture. Good coverage and premium support on the chest and outward shoulders ultimately improve posture. On the other hand, an ill-fitted bra will stretch shoulders inwards that will result in a poor back shape hence slouching. The bra is a 24/7 thing and an ill-fitted bra worn for a long time can give you a hunch back that can become impossible to fix.
Similarly, a larger bra than your size does not give any support and coverage keeps dripping boobs hanging and makes you look lazy and in bad posture.

Fourth sign of a well-fitted bra: Feel young:

A well-fitted bra lifts boobs gently and keeps them in a position that improves your shape and makes you look young especially if you are wearing skin-tight outfits like maxis, off-shoulder, and sarees. Out of position boobs always make you look old because they look sag which is a sign of aging. If you think that you are wearing a well-fitted bra but still boobs are sagging then buy a wired bra only for parties for an extra lift.

Fifth sign of a well-fitted bra: No pain:

A well-fitted bra is always very comfortable to wear, science says that a well-fitted bra can be worn to bed without any fear and discomfort. It does its job so gently that you don’t feel it’s there.
Contrary to this an ill-fitted bra always pulls body parts with force and is always hard to carry.

perkier bra

Sixth sign Perkier Look:

Want perky look without padding. Get a well-fitted bra and get a perky paddle looks. A perfectly fitted bra lifts boobs gently against the gravity also band and straps keep shoulders outwards that moves boobs forward towards a perky look.

Seventh sign Gore position:

The gore the central point where cup fabrics meet should lie flat on the chest instead of floating here and there.

Eighth sign The band:

The band should lie flat on the back parallel to the breasts nor riding up neither sitting down.

Ninth sign No spillage:

Cups should cover full boobs with no extra room or spillage.

Tenth sign The straps:

Straps should be tight enough to stay on shoulders without dipping and dripping

FAQs on well-fitted bra?

How to get a well-fitted bra?
Seek help from bra fitting professional experts at bra stores and before going to a bra store always read reviews about that brand online. Also measure yourself every six months for the right fit because a lot is going through a woman’s body every second hormonal change, gaining weight, losing weight, periods, pregnancy, mother feeding please keep your bra UpToDate with your breast size.

pregnancy bra

Should I wear a bra during pregnancy?
The answer can be Yes or no. During pregnancy, millions of hormonal changes are happening through the body, and most of the time women are gaining weight. At times bra may become ill-fit due to this abnormal weight gain. So wearing a bra becomes questionable during pregnancy because one cannot buy a new bra every two to three weeks. So what can be done?
A free size bra yes a free size bra can be of great help for a pregnant woman. Free size bra looks like a sports bra and is made up of highly stretchable material that keeps stretching as you become bulkier. Moreover, it provides all the help that a traditional bra does. Many brands are there that are designing a free-size bra that is super comfortable supportive and also comes at a reasonable price. So, make a free-size bra your friend when you are pregnant.

How to hide my bra?
Many women face the problems that their bra, bra straps, or the bra back show under clothes. So what are possible solutions?

  • Wear a matching bra with outfit color
  • Wear stick on bra that is backless and strapless
  • Wear a bandeau bra that has no hooks and straps
  • Wear a seem less bra specially designed to be worn under T-shirts.
  • Wear a tube bra that is hookless and strapless.
  • Wear a built-in cami bra
  • Wear a shrug on top of every cloth

If you don’t find the above options suitable for you that be awarded that bra show from clothes is a normal thing. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody knows that women wear bras. Be confident and don’t be embarrassed because it’s not only you who is going through this it’s common with all the women throughout the world.

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