Perfect fit versus ill-fit bra

Every 3 in 5 women wear ill-fitted bras throughout their lives. Why is it so? There are a couple of reasons behind this bitter reality

• Lack of knowledge
• Measuring for bra, in a wrong way
• Buying bra without trying
• Wearing a small bra for perkier looks or look smarter
• Wearing large/loose bras for more comfort

Let’s see what happens to the body when you wear a perfect fitted versus an ill-fitted bra for longer times.

Perfect fit:

Perfect fitted bra means wearing a bra according to recommended size. What happens when you wear a well-fitted bra?

Support: Breast needs support especially when its size C or plus. Without a bra breast weight causes discomfort and pain. Also, it becomes arduous to lift heavy breasts without a bra. Bra keeps breast in place and divides the weight of breasts to whole space instead of one point to overcome discomfort and pain.

Coverage: Breast especially nipples become clear undertones of white color or in hot weather due to sweating. Without a bra, nipples look weird under silk or lace dresses. Bra keeps away embarrassment by providing coverage in utmost times.

Sag control: Gravitational force is always pulling boobs downwards. Bra tends to keep boobs in place to prevent them from sagging over time.

Confidence: A good posture, premium support, coverage, comfort gives you what? yes, you are right confident.

Bounce control: Breasts are made up of flexible tissues that keep bouncing without a bra. Bra keeps the breasts in place and prevents them from bouncing here and there.

Improves posture: A side benefit of wearing a perfectly fitted bra is improved posture. Bra front, back, and straps on place give support to shoulder muscles which then improves posture. A perfect fitted bra can act both ways for you as a bra and a posture corrector belt.

Ill fitted bra:

Ill fitted bra means wearing a bra bigger or smaller than the recommended size.
What happens when you fitted an ill-fitted bra?

Shoulder pain: Smaller bra pulls whole shoulders and chest towards center that causes extreme pain and discomfort. This pain is so powerful that women cannot stand, sit, move, and walk properly. It can even increase blood pressure and invoke many muscular problems.

Red marks: Tighter or smaller bra press the skin hardly that red marks or bruises appear over skin. Sometimes due to itching or sweating, these bruises become so worse that they require special medical attention for cure.

Effects Blood circulation: Smaller bra press the thin blood veins present in the skin and blocks the blood supply. This blockage is sometimes so deadly that it can give a heart attack.

Effects Growth: Tight bra does not provide enough room for breast tissue to relax and grow. Due to this breast tissues become weak and cannot grow properly.

No support: Ill-fitted bra does not cover the breast properly. Instead of providing support ill-fitted bra gives pain and discomfort and gives birth to serious health problems.

D-shape: A smaller fitted bra covers half of the boobs and half of the boobs spill out of the cup’s fabric that produces a strange look. In the same way, a loser bra’s fabric will gather at your chest and make you look odd.

Make you flat or heavy: Smaller fitted bra will compress the boobs and can make you look flat. On the other hand, a loose bra will ruin your actual shape and you may look like a mother of six children.

How to find a well fitted bra?

Recommended way of buying a bra is to visit your nearby bra store and seek help from professional bra fitting staff there. Also, try 3 to 4 before making a final decision. Alternatively, If you already own a bra then look at the sizing tag stitched inside of the cup to find your size, it will tell you your bra option.
Go for the last option when you are sure that you didn’t gain or lost weight, nor going through pregnancy, got any hormonal treatments or got a breast surgery, or faced any accident. An ill-fitted bra can give you irreversible harm more than you think. Always invest your time and money in a well-fitted bra to avoid serious consequences.

Frequently asked questions?

Is it ok to wear a small or big bra?

It’s ok to wear a small bra or a big bra but for a short period. Women usually wear small bras under skintight outfits or large bras on weekends for comfort. But keep in mind don’t make this a habit. Also, if you feel any discomfort from an ill-fitted bra then take it off immediately. Always wear a bra that bra fitting expert at bra store suggests you.

Should I wear a small bra to make my boobs look bigger?

Smaller bra will press the boobs will not fit them. Boobs will remain half covered and half uncovered in a smaller bra. To look bulkier try, a push-up bra or a padded bra that can boost cup size up to 3 to 4 or even higher levels.

How can I make my boobs look big in one minute?
padded bra
Wear a perfectly fitted bra: A perfectly fitted bra can do a lot for you. If it’s a simple bra with no padding or wires but just fitting properly it will make you look in shape.

Wear a padded or push-up bra: Padded or push-up bras are lifesavers. You can go up to any level that you desire. Padded and push bras are also called bomb bras.

Improve your posture: Holding your body upright and chest outwards will give your busts a perkier and firm look.

Use cutlets: Cutlets are small silicone pads that can be inserted into any bra to get an instant size boost.

Contour: The power of makeup cannot be denied. Makeup can do wonders if done correctly. The following video illustrates how to contour to achieve a bulkier look.

Ruffled tops: Ruffled tops have frills stitched on the chest area. Make use of ruffled tops to look heavy-breasted.

You may also find types of bra boys like article useful.

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