My bra story

Hi, my name is Suzie and I am 33 years old now. Today I will tell you my first bra story. How did I start wearing a bra? Maybe you have gone through the same as I had. So here is my first bra story.

My first bra story

I was a single daughter of my parents and we lived in a small town in Victoria. We didn’t have many relatives or family friends so I didn’t have friends at home but had some at school.

When I was 14 years old, I wanted to wear a bra but couldn’t ask my mother due to embarrassment, shyness, and nervousness. Also, my mother didn’t have a single bra because she had lost her breasts due to breast surgery or might be due to any other medical condition that my parents hid from me. All my friends at school had bras and they continuously made fun of me.

All the time I was collecting courage to talk to my mother to get me a bra. I didn’t have many friends nor siblings that turned me into a calm person who spends most of the time in her room.

bra bullying

I just wanted a bra to give a shut-up call to my so-called friends at school. At that point, I didn’t know why girls wear a bra. I thought it was a fashion accessory and didn’t know the medical reasons behind wearing a bra.

One day an incident happened at school that gave me the strength to talk to my mother to get me a bra.

It was a sunny day and I was playing with my friends during the break when a female teacher grabbed my arm and took me aside. She was smiling and shyly and said “Come tomorrow with a bra” and then released my arm and went away. I kept standing there in a state of shock and my heartbeat increased. I felt an electric current running through my body.

But then I collected myself and went back to my friends because I didn’t want to give them an extra chance to make fun of me. But unfortunately, they had seen all and as expected they started to pressurize me to tell them what MAAM Johnson just whispered in my ear. So, to get my friends off of myself I told them that Maam Johnson was asking about mathematics homework that they didn’t believe but I didn’t care because I had already hammers stroking my mind. I was embarrassed, nervous, angry, and dying from inside. I just wanted to cry for hours in my room.


I came back home and didn’t tell anyone what happened at school. Did the lunch and all activities that I did so. Then I went to my room and cried a lot. My parents sitting outside thought that I was taking a nap. I was angry with my mother because I thought that I am in this situation because of her. If my friends’ mother can give them a bra then why my mother couldn’t. I blamed her for all the suffering that I was going through and became full of anger. I was going to burst like an atom bomb.

Then in that angriness, I decided to finally talk to my mother because I didn’t want to go to school the next day without a bra. I stood up and went to my mother she was lying in a good mood on a couch and luckily my father was out for some house chores.

I went closer to her and sat on the sofa and said “Maam Johnson said to come with a bra tomorrow”. OHH there was silence for few seconds my mother looked at me and said ok I will get you a bra by the weekend. I said ok I will go to school after the weekend. My mother again looked and me. I think she had felt my pain that I was going through. She stood up and went to the store. After 10 minutes she came out with a bra and handed it over to me and said let me help you to wear it and then she guided me on how to wear it.

Oh, that was so simple. Why I didn’t demand before? Why I was like this? Why I was an under-confident girl? I can’t forget the pain even years had passed. It always gives me goosebumps and tears.


The next day I went to school happily and confidently. It was like I have got a new life. I was shining and flying with joy. My classmates became angry from inside because now they wouldn’t get a chance to bully me anymore.

It was a very hot day and my bra was causing a little discomfort. I was feeling sweating on my chest with itching also it was a lace silk bra that wasn’t breathable enough. I was feeling that I was grabbed by something. I was also facing a little difficulty in breathing but I didn’t want to take it off at any cost because I had paid a huge price for it. I walked with confidence and played with confidence. It was an all-new Suzie. Maam Johnson was also watching me happily but when I looked at her she turned her face in another direction not to embarrass me.

I don’t know why Maam Johnson had asked me to wear a bra maybe she had listened to my friends bullying me or maybe I needed a bra because my boobs were of lemon size at that time. What’s so even if she didn’t do so I had to go through a lot more. Thanks to her for all she did.
I was also happy with my mother I think she didn’t understand that I am a grown-up girl. She was still thinking of me as a toddler who needs toys and dolls and lollipops only. I should have talked to her early she was not strict at all.

That was my bra story and maybe you have a similar one. If you think you have some extraordinary bra story you can write to us at and we will publish it on our website.

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