Is it okay to ask a girl her bra size?

Sometimes we want to know the bra size of girls just for fun, curiosity, playing truth or dare, want to gift her a bra, or just want to compare ourselves with her. So, is it ok to ask a girl her bra size? let’s explore

What girls say on asking girls about bra sizes:

We surveyed on Facebook and here are our findings on Is it okay to ask a girl her bra size?
Is it okay to ask a girl her bra size

Olivia: It’s not okay for me. I am 32C but I am using a padded bomb bra to cheat my look. I will not be comfortable if someone asks me about my bra size.

Emma: Yes, it’s ok as long as the asking person is close enough to me, I will not mind.

Eva: I would like to tell my bra size only to bra experts at the lingerie store or to my boyfriend or husband. Why do I tell it to others?

Charlotte: My mother, sisters, and my friends know my bra size. In the future, my partner will also be added to this list. No one else.

Amelia: What is the need to hide bra size? Do you hide your shoes size or clothes sizes from others? I don’t hide my bra size I am 34C.

Mia: I will reveal my bra size to only my close ones otherwise be ready to get a slap.

Jammy: I don’t wear a bra no bra no tension.

Verity: I wear a free size bra so I don’t know my bra size.Ask me anything I will answer if I knew.

Victoria: No way? Mind your own business.

Jane: Only my boyfriend can ask me about my bra size no one else.

Lusie: Why would I tell my bra size to others? Why do they need to know? If they are a scientist or doing some survey I might tell but not in any other case.

Mars: Yes I will tell it to a bra fitting expert, my family, my friends anybody doing research but not to someone who is just asking for fun.

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You can ask her bra size under the following circumstances otherwise it’s a big no

You are very close friends and don’t shy from each other’s: Friends are blessings. Friends always feel free to talk about awkward, weird, and embarrassing things that they are shy to talk even with their parents. So, if you think that you are close enough and don’t shy then you can ask about her bra size without hesitation.

You are working as a bra fitting specialist at a bra fitting store: That’s the easiest situation. If you are working at a bra fitting store you can directly ask her about bra size but be polite and stay to the point don’t get into a loose talk.

The female starts the conversation herself: That’s a signal she wants to talk about her undergarments if she says like I am thinking of doing some undergarments shopping or she says like I am not feeling comfortable in my new bra then you can also start without hesitation but don’t go too deep until and unless she is in mood and feels comfortable to talk about.

She is your girlfriend: Good relationship does not stop you from asking anything from the opposite side but if your relationship health is not good then please be careful.

She does lose talk: Another situation that is favorable for you to ask her bra size is if you do lose talk. Loose talk means you enjoy each other company and don’t hesitate to talk about dirty awkward things. You can start the conversation by pointing towards someone look at her I think she is not wearing a bra today if she responds positively then you can go further.

She is your wife: If you think you are having a healthy relationship you can ask her about bra size. Another way to find bra size is to look at the tag attached inside the bra to find bra size. There will be a figure on the tag like 34B or 44B that’s her bra size. You can buy a bra to surprise her. But don’t lose receipt in case she didn’t like she can exchange/return

She asked you for choosing a bra: That’s what you were looking for. She started herself go, Mann.

You are of the same gender: Asking the same gender about bra size is quite simple. Start like I am thinking of buying a bra for myself can you guide me? If the other person is comfortable to answer go-ahead.

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You’re dating/hooking up/together. I think that’s not a complicated thing to talk about what you are in a dating relationship. That’s the smallest thing but be careful if you think she is not feeling comfortable to share with you change the topic at once.

So in a nutshell don’t ask her directly. if you think she is in the mood start the conversation lightly like I am thinking of buying a new bra but don’t know much about bra sizes, bra types and brands do you have any suggestions and let the conversation flow. If You start randomly… you will get one nice tight slap.

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