Is it ok to share bras?

Often close friends and cousins share bras and panties for fun, change, or to match with clothes. But why do women share bras and is it medically ok to share bras?Lets see what people and science say about this bra sharing.

Why do women share bras?

Melina Das (India): It’s not a normal practice but happens occasionally when there are close friends. When I was in the hostel, I exchanged bra with my roommate to match my outfit. Although we were of the same size but still neither I nor she could fit in the bra properly.

sharing bras
Dawn Ayres (US): I used to borrow bras from my younger sisters and return them after washing and cleaning although I could not fit in her bra properly. As we grew older me my sister and my mom became of the same size, we start swapping undergarments with mom because she had a lot of great underwear.

Michelle Bloom (UK): I always lend and swap bras with friends but after proper laundering and cleaning but I think it’s not a good practice even if you are of the same size they will not fit properly on each other.

Ralph Howell (US): I shared the bra with my girlfriend and guess what she had a yeast infection that was passed on me even I washed the bra thoroughly before using it. Never ever again.

Sharing bras what medical science says?

Bra remains attached to the skin for a longer period of time that’s why dead skin cells, sweat, and body oils accumulate in the bra and make it a cesspool of germs says Dr. Vij. It is recommended to wash bras regularly and frequently to kill those bacteria. Following nasties can build over time if bra health is not cared about.

sharing bras can pass yeast infection

Dead Skin Cells: On a normal day human body sheds 30000 to 40000 cells that get absorbed into clothing like bras, clothes, pillows, and bedsheets, or other pieces of clothes says the American Association of Dermatologists. If these particles are not washed timely they may lead to infections or diseases.

Staphylococcus: The second type of bacteria that may penetrate into the bra is Staphylococcus. Staphylococcus is not harmful itself but instead, it builds a protective barrier over skin against other organisms. Dirty cleaning habits can convert these pathogens into smell and harmful bacteria.

Corynebacteria: Corynebacteria are responsible for acne over the skin but not as harmful as you think. Frequent washing of bras can keep you protected from Corynebacteria.

Yeast: The moisture produced by your body gets absorbed in your bra. If the bra is not washed regularly it may convert into yeast and can cause skin infection.

This list looks horrible but actually, it’s not if you take care of your bra health. Also sharing bras from one person to another may pass these germs to the next person which results in bright chances of infection in both parties.

hand washing clothes

Frequent washing is always recommended to keep yourself protected from these organisms. If you are thinking that regular washing will D- shape your bra then here are some tips to follow to maintain your bra health:

  • Use shampoo or mild detergent to wash the bra
  • If possible, hand wash the bra
  • Don’t dry the bra in so inner but let the bra sundry.
  • If you are machine washing the bra then place the bra in a mesh bag to avoid tangling with other clothes
  • Dry the bra over some table or surface avoid hanging to retain the shape of bra

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