Is it ok not to wear bra in the light of medical and social behaviors?

Many women don’t feel comfortable wearing a bra. Let’s explore what experts say about not wearing a bra and the pros and cons attached to it.

Physical changes in body on not wearing a bra? What do field experts say?

Breast tissues are attached to the chest by the backside of the breasts and this is the only attachment point that provides stability to breasts. This means the majority of the flesh is un-supported and small movements can result in bounce and discomfort.

So, it’s important to wear a bra during any time of movement but what about weekends or during the night? Experts hold different opinions Dr. Ross says breasts will sag if don’t get any support for a longer period of time.

On the other hand, Dr. Andrea Madrigrano M.D. breast surgeon says that sagging depends on the volume of the breasts. The bigger the boob is more like it would sag.

So how long can you go without wearing a bra Experts have different opinions. But the good news is you can go braless for few weeks if you typically wear it regularly says Dr. Andrea Madrigrano M.D.The ill-fitted bra also harms you in many ways including sag.

Social behaviors on not wearing a bra? What do people think?

Whatever the circumstances are choosing what to wear is your own sensibility. But the question is does it look decent or not?

The answer is it depends on how bulky you are and what color are you wearing. For smaller busted women it does not matter a lot if they don’t wear bras in public but for larger busted females, they can’t go braless. On the other hand, if you are wearing black or blue it’s ok not to wear a bra but under white or light colors your nipple colors will be clear without a bra.

Similarly, if you are a sportsperson or climb stairs daily, or do any type of aggressive movements it is advised to wear a bra for bounce control and coverage.

Similarly, boys also find no bra arousing. They always want more. They can take pictures and videos of your naked minions and can share them all over the internet. Boys being boys.

In short, it’s flesh to bra or not to bra. More naked flesh can arouse others the small amount of flesh doesn’t affect a lot.
Regardless of the bra size, you are the only owner of your body.No one can advise you to dress so and so. Do whatever you think makes you confident and easy to go. You cannot please everyone.

Pros and cons of not wearing a bra:


Comfort: Just remember how comfortable it is to take off a bra. Now imagine no bra no suffering at all. Nothing rubs, no adjustment needs, no pulling, no straps management required.

Money-saving: Remember the price of the last lace bra you bought?

Easier to choose clothes: No need to leave your favorite outfit. Many women leave outfits thinking this outfit will not go with this bra or this outfit will not go with that bra.


Sagging: Many experts hold the opinion that avoiding a bra for a longer period of time can cause sagging. But keep in mind there are other factors that can cause sagging like the Constant wearing of a bra. lactation, hormonal imbalance, physiological features, and the wrong way of life.

Opposite sex may get arouse: Boys are boys naked boob may be uncomfortable for them.

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