Is a backless bra worth buying?

Backless bra as the name suggests is a bra without a back. Backless bra is usually made up of sticky material that is capable of lifting breasts upwards and towards the center as a regular bra is supposed to do but without being visible. Often backless bras are preferred under backless clothes where a full naked back is meant to be exposed. Other dresses where backless bras are favored are off-shoulder, naked, and halter dresses. Let’s see if a backless bra worth buying?

How backless bra works?

Backless or stick-on or sticky bra is a backless, strapless bra made up of sticky material like silicone adhesive, polyurethane, or medical grade adhesive that sticks firmly to the skin like a sticker. Bras are meant to keep boobs lifted, and control bounce and sag and back pain that bulky breasts can cause. Backless bra is supposed to provide the same support and coverage to a woman’s breasts like cleavage visibility, and perky boobs like a regular bra do but without visibility. Backless bra sticks too firmly to the breasts enabling it to control bounce and provide coverage. Backless bra comes with clips, laces, and hooks to tie both cups together at the front. Now many manufacturers are preparing bras without any clips to provide more comfort and freedom.

Why buy a backless bra?

The support a regular bra provides cannot be denied but sometimes they are really uncomfortable. Moving straps, wrong sizes, and visible seem under white and sheer dresses are some of the problems regular bra wearers face on daily basis. Sometimes hooks and straps also give rashes to sensitive skin. But these problems go away when it comes to stick-on bras.

  • A backless strapless seamless bra provides enhanced cleavage, perkier look, bounce control, and support under the backless off the shoulder and plunged dresses
  • A wrong size bra can give a lot of pain but on the other hand, stick-on bras are more flexible and comfy because of their design and skin-friendly materials
  • Heavy busted woman often complains about the pain because of biting straps (due to the more wight they are providing support to). But with the stick-on bra, you can get the same support without straps.
  • A tight bra can block blood flowing in thin skin blood vessels that can even lead to breast cancer. However stick-on bras are more elastic and cover less area thus no health hazard is involved.
  • No more skin rashes, red marks, or weird wires because stick on bras is more skin-friendly and don’t cause irritation
  • Traditional bras can lead to bad posture, this is because of the fact that straps continuously pull your breasts towards the inside of the chest which is against human anatomy but stick-on bras say goodbye to bad posture bye bye.

Why not buy a backless bra?

  • The answer to this question varies from individual to individual. Emma 32 (housewife) says that I enjoyed wearing a backless bra back in my school days when I was 36B. It provided me full coverage and support and putting it was really simple. But now I am a mother of two and my bra size is 36DD. Unfortunately, the backless bra does not accommodate such a huge mass as it supported me when I was 36B. If you are size B or C go for a backless bra otherwise try a traditional bra (with back) if you are size D or above.
  • Julie 34 (dancer) says if you are buying a backless bra consider how much sweat you produce on your bosom. Backless bras are made up of sticky material, sweat and heat melt the adhesiveness and make your skin harder to stick. Many females produce more sweat than a normal person due to active sweat glands, lifestyles like an office woman produce less sweat than a yoga practitioner or a gym worker. So, if you are one of the active ladies then please avoid a backless bra.
    She also added if you move a lot like you have small kids to look after, you do a lot of workouts, running, jogging, and dancing then a backless bra is not an option for you.
  • Essencegant Buzzfeed added she didn’t find them useful because she didn’t get the cleavage and lift she was expecting though. She said maybe she is A size and these bras don’t perform well on smaller sizes. However, she thinks that maybe these bras work well on size B or C because bigger boobs need a small force to get lifted because of more fluffy mass present there.
    She was disappointed by the reviews of influencers on social media that hide reality for money.
  • Sometimes stick-on bras are made up of low-quality materials that can lead to skin allergies and reactions. Always do a skin test before wearing a stick-on bra for a longer period.
  • Sticky bras can cause low breathability if worn on regular basis.
  • If stick-on bras are not cleaned properly chance of bacterial growth is more than a fabric bra because bacteria are more attracted to plastic materials.
  • It may become useless after a few uses if not properly taken care off
  • Not available in padded designs but some manufacturers are making partly padded bras.
  • May fall off if you bow down a lot Naaaaaa

How to increase the life of a backless bra?

These instructions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but usually are as follows:
• Read all the instructions on pack on how to wear and take off a backless bra and follow them to increase the longevity of the bra.
• Always do an allergy test
• Wash bra according to manufacturer’s instructions
• Keep bra according to provided instructions on pack

So girls are you ready for stick-on bras? Tell us here

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