All you need to know about invisible lift-up bra

While scrolling social media you may have come across an invisible lift-up bra. Did you ever question yourself that is an invisible lift-up bra worth buying? Does the invisible lift-up bra perform all the duties that are advertised in the ads? The following article explains all you need to know before buying a lift-up bra.

What is an invisible lift-up bra?

A Lift up bra or freedom bra is a stick-on bra that gives you full coverage and supports as a traditional bra does. A lift-up bra prevents breasts from sagging like a regular bra. Its strapless and backless design makes it the best option for every occasion and outfit. The lift-up bra is usually made up of skin-friendly silicone that is very gentle to the skin. Lift-up bra benefits are not just limited to sag control, but it provides extra push up, support, shape, prominent cleavage, firmness, and much more.
invisible lift up bra


Why a lift-up bra?

Traditional bra design has not changed in decades. We are wearing the same styles that our grandmothers used to wear 100 years ago. Unfortunately, bras are manufactured in bulk quantity which often makes it difficult to find a proper fit. Every human body is different from another human. Due to this bulk production, it becomes arduous to find a perfect fit. Research findings say that 85% of the woman wear the wrong bra size throughout their life.

Many women have complained that they could not find a good bra even after trying 10 bras on a single day. A recent study by Dr. Jean Denis Rouillon has also suggested that bra weakens the breast tissues and make them sag. Poorly fitted bras give birth to many issues like poor blood circulation, shoulder pain, red marks, and spillage.

Apart from medical issues women also face some other issues from a typical style bra. A woman who moves aggressively or frequently often face the issue of digging straps or straps visible from the inner corner of the collar. Some women say that they must have to search for a new bra when they are going to parties because bra seams become visible especially under the silk. Nipples also become noticeable under light color t-shirt like white. The typical bra also creates a problem under low neck dresses or backless dresses. Hence the problems with traditional bras are endless and there was a need for some alternative.

The invisible lift-up bra was introduced after years of research that provides all the benefits which a traditional bra can and overcomes all the problems which a traditional bra cannot. A freedom bra provides full support, coverage, bounce control, shape, and comfort.
invisible lift up bra

How does a lift-up bra look like?

The lift-up bra is made up of adhesive silicone material that looks like a leaf or designed in an oval shape. It has no straps no back no band that is the beauty of this bra. Freedom bra is stick to the breast in an upward motion alongside the breasts. Freedom bra is a free size bra and is especially suitable for persons who think their one boob is bigger than the other. It can lift up to 10kg of weight.

How to take care of an invisible lift-up bra?

The invisible lift-up bra is made up of washable silicone material that can be reused. A lift-up bra does not lose its elasticity as a normal bra does. After removing the bra keep it in the case that comes with it on purchase.

Pros of lift-up bra

• Easy to wear just stick on breasts no hassle of hooks
• Comes in free size …..No need to try thousands of bra
• Prominent cleavage. The lift-up bra holds up the breasts in a V-shape design which in turns gives you a prominent cleavage
• Invisible under t-shirts and silk dresses because of its seamless design
• Gives comfort support and shape and control sagging.
• Best for low neck and backless dresses.
• Stays for a longer period can be used up to 35 times and does not lose their elasticity with time
• Best for summers when you are wearing light color and thin clothes and it feels and looks like no bra is there.
• Made up of comfortable skin-friendly and breathable silicone material that does not cause any itching, redness, or discomfort
• Eliminates the need to remove the bra while sleeping because of the no bra feeling it provides.
• No fear of digging straps or visible straps
• Easy to wash. Just take some lukewarm water and detergent dip the bra in it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes air dry the bra and you will end up with a clean bra just like a new one.
• Easy to carry. Keep the bra in the case that you get when you bought the bra to maintain the shape and structure of the bra.
• Provides more shape control for different outfits depends on how firmly you attach it along with your breasts
• Does not provide full coverage but it knows how to do its job
• Lightweight and soft. Provides lift-up and comfort
• Easy to take on and off
• Comes at a reasonable price

Cons of lift-up bra

• Not suitable for very large breasts
• Fear of slipping down in hot temperatures due to sweating
• Not good for breastfeeding ladies

Now you know all the details about a lift-up bra. A lift-up bra is available to buy on the link or you can buy it from the nearby store. Once you start wearing it you will fall in love with it. You will not regret spending money on it. If you still think a lift-up bra is not an option for you can check other bra types. This other bra types article explains in detail all bra types, different bras for different occasions, and different bra types for different outfits. Its a worth reading article. If you want to know more about why women need to wear a bra you can read the following article about why women need to wear a bra.

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