How to Increase Breast Size With a Bra

A Bra can do more for you than you think. Bra not only provides coverage and support but if used wisely, it can make your boobs heavier and perkier without going under the knife. For example, A padded bra can increase your size from an A cup to a C cup. Tightened straps lift breasts upwards and outwards towards a heavy look. So let’s look in detail at how can we increase our breast size using a bra.

How to Increase Breast Size With a Bra

Buying a New Padded Bra to Maximize Your Cleavage:

The best and most effective way to increase your bra size is to get a padded bra. Some padded bras like Victoria’s secret bombshell bra promises to increase cup sizes 3 to 4 sizes. Try different bras and select the one that provides the desired boost and comfort. It is also recommended to keep a new bra just for special occasions because a daily-use bra can’t provide you the level of boost and support that a new one can do.


Consider different types of padding:

If you are not in a favor of buying a new bra then we have some other cheap yet effective options for you. There come different materials to insert inside bra cups to increase breast size. These materials are called paddings that come in silicon, gel, and rubber materials. Also, some bra cups come with pockets to hold these paddings. Let’s check the detail of different paddings.

Silicon and rubber padding is a very common, cheap, comfortable, and effective way of increasing breast size. It looks like a rubber pad that is inserted inside the bra to get heavy breasts.

Another type of padding available is a gel and liquid padding that gives a natural feeling to look and feel. Gel pads are more comfortable than silicone pads but available at a little high price and limited availability.

You can also make your DIY padding. The most favorable way to create padding at home is by using socks. All of us have redundant pairs of socks in our closet that we can make bra padding any time. Socks are also made up of breathable material that makes them a favorable option for bra padding.

To make bra padding using socks take a pair of half socks or full socks depending upon how much boost you want. Place them inside your cups such that they cover your full breasts. Make sure that socks are placed inside both cups in the same rotation for a natural and symmetrical look and you are ready to go.

demi bra

Go for specific bra types:

A few bras are more powerful than others at increasing breasts size. Try to hunt a bra that will give your bosoms the lift and backing they need to look bigger. A few famous options include:
Demi cup bras: Demi cup bras are sliced lower and nearer to the nipple to expose a larger area of your breasts. The extra uncovered skin will give more cleavage and a heavy look.
Wired Bra: Some woman find wired bras highly uncomfortable because of the underwire present in cups. But trust me they can provide life and boost that no other tightest and most padded bra can do. Wired bras are a must-have option for ladies above 45. The wire prevents the breasts from sagging and holds mass firmly in its position which results in a perkier and young look. Every woman should own one of them.Learn more about bra types.

Tighten the straps:

At the point when you tighten your bra straps, you press your bosoms nearer to your body, which gives them a lift. This is a particularly supportive procedure when you are attempting to level out the size of your bosoms. Assuming one bosom is bigger than the other, fit your bra to the bigger boob and fix the strap of the more modest bosom to level out your chest.
Explore the different levels of strap tightness to find which works for you. Keep in mind that tightening straps too much can give you breast pain.

FAQ on How to Increase Breast Size With a Bra

What is the best way to increase breast size with a bra?
We would recommend that a push-up bra gives you natural and consistent coverage every time you wear them. People won’t be able to figure out that your breast size changed.

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