How to guess your girl-friend bra size?

You may have come across times when you wanted to surprise your girlfriend with a gift of the bra. The situation becomes complicated when you don’t know the exact size of the bra and you are also shy to ask your girl about her bra size. So, what to do to guess your girl-friend bra size? Here we have listed some methods that can help you to guess your girl-friend size.

Ask her best friends to guess your girl-friend bra size?

Common friends can be of great help in this situation. If you have any friends in common, then ask her for your girlfriend’s bra size. But before asking to make sure that your common friend is not going to ruin your surprise.

Check her bathroom or draws:

This idea seems a little awkward but trust me it’s the best way to know the exact size of your girl. So, when you are at her place ask her for a cup of coffee or tea, and when she goes out check her draws or bathroom. When you find a bra take the picture of the size tag present on the bra. Carefully put back the bra how you picked it. This picture will help you to buy a bra for your girlfriend and surprise her. It would be also a good option to buy a bra from the same brand if the captured picture contains it because bra manufacturers design bras differently. A 34C from one brand will not be the same as 34C of another brand. Later if the idea is a success, you can tell her what you did when she was preparing a cup of coffee for you.

Fruit Method to guess your girl-friend bra size?

guess girlfriend bra size

Maybe you have heard of this method before. It’s a very simple and funny method. Just imagine which fruit her breasts match in volume and size. But before imagining that you must understand what a bra size is. What is the meaning of 34B bra size or 34C bra size? Is 34 is the weight in grams of the boobs and C is the length of the boobs? No….

How a bra size is calculated:


A bra size depends on two things: Band size and bust size.
Band size is measured inches across the ribs under boobs as shown in the figure.
Bust size is measured across boobs as shown in the figure.

The difference between band size and bust size is called cup size. Bust size is always greater than band size. Each inch difference in band size and bust size results in a cup size.

So, let’s say that the band size is 34 and the bust is 35 then the bra size will be 34A. Each 1-inch difference adds a cup size.1-inch difference between band size and bust size cup size will be A,2-inch difference between band size and bust size, cup size will be B, and so on.

Determine band size: To determine band size, first, you need a dress size of your girlfriend that you can simply ask your girl. It’s simple, no need to shy in this ask. Go ahead and ask her dress size. Once you have dress size here is our guide to guess band size.

Size 12 is a 32 – 34 band size
Size 14 is a 34 – 36 band size
Size 16 is a 36 – 38 band size
Size 18 is a 40 – 42 band size
Size 20 is a 44 – 46 band size
Size 22 is a 46 – 48 band size.

Bust Size: For bust imagine which fruit her breasts match in volume or size:

fruit test to guess bra size

Plum: Is she size zero cute compact and small she is probably AA.
Lemon: Little pointed bump visible from her T-shirt…size A
Apple/Orange: Full, fit, attractive a size Size B or C
Melon: Looks like a melon go for size C, DD
Watermelon: A size D or larger.

So now you know her bra size and you are ready to go shopping.

Free Size bras:

Another option to impress your girlfriend with a gift of a bra is a free size bra. Free size bras provide full coverage and support and come in a variety of colors, fabrics, padded and non-padded options. Free size bras are made up of stretchable materials that can fit any size. They are like socks that take the size and shape of the person who is wearing them. It will be a big surprise for your girl and obviously, she would be impressed by your choice. Free size bras are one of the woman’s favorites because of their extreme comfort and best fit. Don’t be afraid to buy them free size bra is one of the best thing that exists on this planet.

Stick on bras:

Another option is to go for a stick-on bra. Stick bra is also a free-size bra that is made up of stretchable silicone adhesive material that keeps breasts in shape, stops them from bouncing, and provides support and comfort at the same time. Stick bra is also the best option for date nights because of its seamless, backless, strapless, and invisible design.

Is It a good idea to buy your girlfriend a bra?

A thought can come to your mind while guessing your girl-friend bra size that whether you should buy her a bra or not. Will she be surprised or angry? Am I going too fast? Will, she likes it or not?
The answer can be yes or no. If you are at an early stage of your relationship then it’s not a good idea to buy your girlfriend a bra because at the start you don’t know about her feelings, habits, likes, and dislikes. But if you think that you people have enough friendship and understanding then you can go for it.

Keep Receipts

One more thing if you are guessing your girl-friend bra size then keep your receipt in a safe place. It is due to the reason that different bra manufacturers have different bra manufacturing standards. So, in case the bra does not fits your girlfriend she can easily request a return or exchange if you provide her with a receipt.

Learn what are celebrities bra choices.

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