How to guess bra size by using fruits?

Do you want to impress your girlfriend on coming date night by guessing her bra size? But how?Today we are sharing some methods that will help you guess bra size just by using fruits.

Before exploring the methods, just be informed what is a bra size? Bra size is a measurement of two figures a band size and bust size.

Band size: Band size is the rib measurement. Usually, it is a numeric figure like 32 inches,34 inches,36 inches,38 inches or 70 cm,75 cm or 80 cm depending upon which measuring standards you are following.

Bust Size or cup size: Bust size is a measurement of breasts. Cup size is always represented by an alphabet like A, B, C, D, DD or E, etc. Read more on what is a bra size and how it is calculated accurately.


Steps to calculate bra size

1. Measure band size. Let’s suppose your measurement comes out to be 44
2. Measure for bust size. Measure around breasts. Let’s suppose your measurement comes out to be 44. Subtract the band size from it to get a cup measurement. 44-40=4 equals D. Roughly saying one unit difference is A, the two-unit difference in B, and so on.
3. So Bra size is 44D

Guessing bra sizes using fruits

Band Size:

First, you need to determine the band size. If you know the dress size of your girl then it will be easy to guess the band size of the bra. If you have dress size then follow the following table to guess her band size.

Size 12 she is 32 or 34 band size
Size 14 she is 34 or 36 band size
Size 16 she is 36 or 38 band size
Size 18 she is 40 or 42 band size
Size 20 she is 44 or 46 band size
Size 22 she is 46 or 48 band size.

Source :

Bust Size:

For bust size imagine which fruit her bust matches in volume. Different theories exist to match cup sizes with fruits. They are:

Theory 1:

Lime: If she is skinny and looks like lime then she is size AA
Lemon: Resembles a lemon in size she is size A
Apple/orange: Size B or C
Melon: OOO you are very lucky she must be size C or DD.
Watermelon: D or bigger

fruit test to guess bra size

Theory 2:

Another theory that exists is
Lemon: A cup
Orange: B cup
Grape Fruit: Grape Fruit
Melon: D cup

Theory 3:

Another scale found is
Kiwi: A cup
Apple: B cup
Orange: C cup
Grapefruit: D cup
Melon: DD

Please keep in mind this method is just an approximation and there are fair chances of error. So if you buy a bra following the above methods then please keep your receipts with yourself for later exchange.

Using the fruit method:


Reply to @minivanmama3 imma teach y’all sister sizes if it k1lls me

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You may have come across the following viral TikTok video that explains how to measure bra size using fruits. In the video, the @madisonanneh has explained guessing bra size with the use of fruits. She uses apples, limes, and lemons to illustrate how to guess bra size without measuring.

Madison explains that Having a D cup does not mean that you always have big breasts. But it’s the band size (measurement around ribs) that determines how big the boobs are.30D is much smaller than 32D.

She also pointed band and bust size go hand in hand. As the band size increases cup size also increases.

Madison also explained that if 34D does not fit you well then you don’t need to change it with 32D. If you are not fitting into the size, you just bought try other sizes with a slight difference. It’s all hit and trial but just don’t stick to one size only. Try for sister sizes that all have good similar fittings. Try 34C or 34E.

She also gave examples of some sizes that work well for the same sizes. i.e. sister sizes that can hold the same amount of volume.

She also pointed out that you cannot fit all sizes in one piece. Try to find your best size just don’t rely on your mother’s or sister’s opinions.

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