How to Calculate bra size correctly and accurately with videos

Bra selection has always remained an arduous task for a woman. What is the reason behind it? Bras are manufactured and produced in bulk units at factories and retailers don’t care about the needs of every single woman. Researches revealed that 85% of the women wear improper fit of bra throughout their life. So, what to do now? Don’t be afraid. Today we will be sharing some tips that will help you to calculate bra size correctly and accurately in the future.

About bra size calculators:

Unfortunately, we live in a world where bra sizes are not the same all over the world. The European 32C will not be equal to the Canadian 32C. The reason behind this difference is that there are no standard methods to collect bust and band data from a woman. Moreover, retailers are using the same data that was collected in our grandma’s time to make bras. That’s why bra design has not changed for ages. Every brand has established its standards and they are not ready to come to a universal platform. So, the question is How to Calculate bra size correctly and accurately?

Some tips to Calculate bra size correctly and accurately

Online bra shopping often sucks. So, it is strongly recommended to try a bra before buying, or if you must do online shopping go for free size bras. You can always visit a professional bra measurement expert at a bra store to get yourself professionally fitted.

So, what to do to calculate bra size correctly and accurately.

Before taking measurements to Calculate bra size correctly and accurately please make sure that

1. You are not on your periods on that day because in periods breasts tissue become sensitive and swell a little
2. You are not suffering acidity or bloating
3. You are naked and standing on a solid horizontal smooth surface
4. Stand in front of the mirror it will help you to look at your back also

You may also need to think before going bra shopping

1. Are you going to be pregnant or will go on dieting?
2. Do you have any breast surgery or any chest problem (consult your surgeon about what type of clothes you should wear)?
3. Are you planning for hormonal treatment?
4. For what purpose you are buying a bra for daily use or some get-together

Please think about these factors before measuring for a bra. Discuss with your doctor first what type of body changes you can face in near future and then buy a bra.

Calculate bra size correctly and accurately

To know your accurate bra size you need to take two measurements: Band size and bust size

Band size:

Band measurement is around the chest below the breast swelling. Stand straight and relax. Now wrap the measuring tape (download a printable measuring tape) around yourself parallel with the ground. The measuring tape should not be too tight or too loose around you also measuring tape should lie straight on your back along with your band line. Breathe normally, lose up your body, and measure when you exhale. Measure your band size in inches and round the number to the nearest even number. This gives you your band size. This is the most modern and most accurate way to measure the band fit.

Bust/Cup Measurement

Measure around the fullest part of your breasts i.e. your nipples. Again, make sure the tape is not too tight or too loose around you and lie straight at your back along with your nipples line. Breath normally and measure in inches when you have exhaled. This is your bust size. Now you can calculate your bra size.
Let’s suppose your band size is 34 and your bust size is 35 then your bra size is 34 A. Your Cup size is a difference between your band size and bust size. The 1-inch difference results in cup size A, the two-inch difference in cup size B, and so on. Please refer to our calculator to Calculate bra size correctly and accurately.

Method 2

Take your band measurement above the bust under your armpits. Breathe normally and measure when you have exhaled. This method is used by victoria’s secret.

Outdated Bra Measurement method:

One of the most popular and outdated methods of bra measurement was to measure band size and then add four in it if the band size is an even number or add 5 if the band size is an odd number. Please don’t confuse yourself with this method. This method was used decades ago and is now considered an outdated measuring method.

Signs you are wearing an ill-fitted bra

• You have red marks under your band. It means you are wearing a tight bra. Go one or two sizes up step by step
• Put two fingers under your band. If it’s too tight go one size up or if it’s too loose go down one size.
• The bra should lie straight on your back. If it rides up it’s too loose to go down one size and if it is making red marks on your skin, then go up one or two sizes.
• You feel pain on your shoulders or back please go one to two sizes up.
• Your skin is visible or spilling out of the cups. Go one size or two sizes up
• There is space in your skin and cup fabric, go one or two sizes down.
• The gore should touch the sternum. Gore is the center of the bra where cups meet

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