How often should I check the fit of my bra

A woman’s body is always going through hormonal changes that affect the shape of the body. Stress, emotions, sadness, or happiness also take part in shaping the body. Every month during periods women must bear slightly swollen breasts for 3 to 7 days. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, or some medicines can also alter the shape of breasts. So, in these circumstances, it’s become pertinent to keep checking on your bra because an ill-fitted bra can do more harm to you than you think.
Let’s check how often should I check the fit of my bra. We will be discussing some situations that can alter your breast size hence bra size.

How often should I check the fit of my bra


The breasts are made up of fats like our rest of the body. When you are trying to lose weight be informed that you will also end up with shrunk breasts. During dieting, we consume low-calorie food. A stage comes in dieting when the body starts burning internal fats including breasts when it is not getting an adequate amount of fats from outside. So, if you are not happy with your breasts you can go dieting but if you don’t want to lose your breast size then take a balanced diet recommended by a dietician.
The other side of the reality is you lost weight unintentionally may be due to workload or studies pressure etc. If you did so please measure your bra size too to make sure that your bra is aligned with your breast size. One should check the fit of the bra when dieting.

Weight Gain:

If you have put on extra weight on your body then please don’t forget your boobs. You must have increased your bra size. You may find red marks on your breasts that can be an indication that your bra is now smaller for you. Again, breasts are made of fats that can burn and accumulated with weight gain or weight loss. Don’t overlook your breasts when you have gained weight. One should check the fit of the bra when gaining weight.


Pregnancy a pleasant as well as a little unpleasant experience. Pregnancy changes every inch of a woman’s body from cheeks to fingers from breasts to hips, legs nothing can remain unchanged when a woman is going through pregnancy. Please keep an up-to-date bra when you are going through pregnancy. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy a bra after every 2 weeks try a free size bra that will save your coins and time and also will provide you coverage and support like a traditional bra. One should check the fit of the bra during pregnancy.


Do you think that your infant is sucking your breast after every half an hour and your breast will shrink? No reason for bra size change in breastfeeding is that it’s the time when hormonal changes are at their peak. In breastfeeding fatty tissue or connective tissue get a shift. The breast can grow in size or can lose size. So please keep measuring your bra size for a perfectly fitting bra during breastfeeding to keep your breast in shape.

How often should I check the fit of my bra

Hormonal changes:

Natural hormonal changes are not less than horrible than a nightmare. Hairs, dark skin, acne are all results of these unplanned hormonal changes. Hormones level can change due to change in emotions, intake of different foods, and even due to change in water. Hormonal changes also affect the breast. The breast may change shape become larger or smaller can grow hair or even nipple color can change. If you are going through these changes please make sure that your bra is up to date with your breast size to prevent harm to your breast health.
Also, if you are taking any hormonal treatment or medicines that can affect hormones level please keep an eye on your breast or bra size.

Any health conditions:

Any health condition that can affect your body can affect your breasts too. For example, if someone is diabetic and is on insulin she may lose or gain weight. Another case is if you are taking anti-pregnancy pills you may face body changes. Breasts may also get affected by any of the medical conditions that your body is going through and need proper attention and care like the rest of your body.


A workout focusing on shoulders, chest muscles, or abdominal muscles can also shape your breasts. You may get heavy or shrinker breasts depends on which area and how you are working out. Be active and don’t overlook your boobs.


Increase blood circulation can increase breast size. The breast may become fuller and veins may become visible after sex but not in every case.

How often should I check the fit of my bra

Taking steroids:

Have you ever noticed a man who takes steroid supplements to develop muscles also get their breasts developed? Yes, steroids are powerful enough to change other things in your body other than they are meant to. If you are taking steroid dozes for any purpose then please don’t ignore your breasts you may find a change in your breast size that requires a new bra.


Excessive estrogen production early in the menstrual cycle causes the milk ducts in the breast to swell. That’s why breasts feel sensitive and heavy during periods. For comfort, you can keep a free-size bra with you and wear it during periods.

Every six months:

If you are not going through any of the aforementioned health conditions then you are at little luck. You may don’t need to check your bra size regularly, weekly, or monthly. But you need to check what are you wearing every six months. Sometimes we are going through changes we may don’t feel or see for example we put weight and we didn’t know. In this unnoticed situation, the breast needs attention and care to prevent them from sagging. Did you know an ill-fitted bra can make you a patient of hypertension?
So, after all the discussion you may be thinking to grab a bunch of bras. No that’s not the way. Just keep one or two free-size bras with you and you are done. Whenever you feel your bra is not fitting you properly make use of them to save money and health.Learn how to put on bra really.

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