How do I put my bra on, really?

Putting on a bra always has remained difficult for young girls who are putting on a bra for the first time. On the other hand, boys also remained curious about how to put on and put off the bra of their partner. Here we have listed some bras and how to put on bra.

Put on Sports bra:
sports bra
Sports bra looks like a half sleeveless T-shirt. It is put on like a T-shirt or a normal shirt. You can wear it in two ways:

  • First, put your head in the neck hole then your arms through the arms hole, and then slip it on your body.
  • Second, put your arms first then your neck, and slip yourself into it.

Put on Halter bra:
halter bra
If you find a traditional hooked bra difficult to handle then try a halter bra. Halter bra takes the bra straps from your back and takes them at your neck. At neck-straps are tied like normal shoelaces.

Put on Tube Bras:
Bandeau Bra
Tube bra is a strapless bra, hookless, and looks like a tube. Tube bra can be worn in two ways

  • Put it like a T-shirt put your head and arms through it and slip it down and then adjust it over your boobs.
  • Another way is to put your feet in it and bring it upward until it covers your boobs.

Put on Stick on bra:
silicone bra
The stick-on bra is a backless strapless unwired unpadded disjoint bra. It is made up of silicone material that is stuck to boobs like you stick any sticker to any surface to get support like a traditional bra.

Put on Front open bra:
front open bra
Front open bras have hooks at the center of the bra where both cups meet. This feature enables them to easily put them on and off without any difficulty or second-person support.

Put on Built-in bra:
built in bra
If you don’t find any of the aforementioned bras suitable for you can try a camisole with a built-in bra. Built-in bra camisole is easy to wear provides coverage and support and you don’t have to worry about bra straps, cups, and bra back visibility underneath your clothes.

So most of the bras are worn in the aforesaid ways. If you are a starter then start with a teenage bra that looks like a sports bra and then move higher.

Put on Hooked bra:
hooked bra
Wearing a hooked bra is simple than you think. There are several ways in which a hooked bra can be put on.

  • Take help from someone else to tie hooks of your bra
  • If you didn’t find any second help don’t be scared. Fasten your bra at the front and turn it around and put your arms through the straps. Adjust cups and the straps. Push your boobs inside the cup fabric in a way that the nipple cup in the center of the fabric.
  • The third way that you may find a little difficult at first is to stand in front of the mirror pass your arms through the straps and fasten your bra at the back at its actual position. Don’t worry it’s normal to face difficulty, in the beginning, you will be trained at this after some practice.

FAQ on how to put my bra on?

What hook should your bra be on?

Bras come with two or three levels of hook how tight you want your bra to be. First hook the bra at the loosest level put two fingers under your band if there is more space than two fingers that you need to hook the bra at the second tighter level. In the same way, do two-finger tests if still there is more space, go for a tighter level.

Why bras have hooks at the back?

Usually, bras have hooks at the back to provide a different level of adjustments as the fabric stretches with time. If they were at the front then adjustment can’t be done at different levels because of the bouncy, sensitive and flexible structure of boobs.
Moreover, hooks at the front also hurt as compared to the back because boobs are made up of super sensitive tissues that can’t tolerate even a little pressure and stretch.

Why are there 3 hooks on a bra?

3 hooks are there on a bra to increase bra life. Most of the time new bra is fastened at the loosest hooked level. With the use of fabric stretches and bra become a little loose at that’s time to move to the second or third hook level and your bra will feel like a new bra.

What to do if my bra is fine but straps are too loose or tight?

Don.t worry if you feel that your bra straps are too loose or too tight. Bra straps are designed in a way that can be adjusted easily. If you look at straps there is a little adjustment clip same like on the belt of your shoulder bag. To tighten the strap wear your bra and move the clip towards the back of the bra as much as tight you want your bra to be. And to loosen the strap moves the clip towards the front of the bra as loose as you want your bra to be and you are done.

Is it ok to wear the same bra for a whole week?

No, it’s not ok. It will impact your health as well as your bra’s health. Germs, sweat, and smell will collect in it that can produce allergy and bruising, or rash. On the other hand, the bra can get stains and dirt that will never wash away. Bra’s elasticity will also expire before the expiry date because of this whole week-long stretch. Bra elastic band needs proper rest after 24 hours to 3 days to keep it in shape. So at maximum wear your bra for three days only.

What to do with your old bras?
old bras

You can do a lot of things with your old bras

  • You can make a shower loofah with them
  • You can use them as a duster
  • You can use them as padding in your new bra if your new bra is not fitting properly
  • If it is lightly worn you can donate it to some charity organization

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