How do I measure bra size without a bra?

Want to buy a new bra but the details on the old bra washed out? Don’t worry today we have come up with several ways to measure bra size without a bra like using a measuring tape or seeking help from bra fitting professional …A good thing is it’s better to measure without a bra because if your old bra was ill-fitted you will again end up buying an ill-fitted bra. Also, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes every month that directly impacts her breasts, it is advised to check bra size every 3 to 6 months.

Bra Size Calculator cm

Use a measuring tape:

The use of measuring tape to calculate a bra size is not a new thing. It’s one of the accurate and perfect methods to calculate bra size, also followed by bra fitting professionals. Measuring bra size from measuring tape is very simple:

Step 1: Measure band size. Check out how to measure bra size accurately to get a bra size.
Step 2: Measure cup size
Use a bra size calculator to find your bra size.
If you don’t have a measuring tape, find a printable measuring tape to calculate bra size here.

Seek help from a bra fitting expert:

The best method to get a bra size is to visit a bra fitting professional at your nearby store. Bra fitting professionals have years of experience in bra fitting, they can’t go wrong with a bra measurement. Get your actual size today.

fruit test to guess bra size

Use the fruit method to measure bra size:

The fruit method is also one of the ways to measure bar size without a bra. Learn how to guess bra size with the fruit method.

Some faqs on how to measure bra size without a bra?

Is it a good idea to measure bra size without a bra?

The answer is yes. There are a couple of reasons behind this fact:

  • If your old bra was not a well-fitted bra you will again buy a wrong size measure if you bought the same size
  • The woman’s body is going through frequent hormonal changes that impact her bra size too, so it is advised to check bra size every month.
  • Buying the same style or brand will make your bra shopping bore. Every day new bra manufacturers are coming up with new styles and designs of bras. So why not try a new latest design?

When should I buy a new bra?

It depends on how you use your bra and what type of bra you are wearing. If you are habitual of wearing the same bra for days then we regret to say that your bra will expire sooner. Also if you are not wearing your actual size, the ill-fitted bra will Detroit early than a good-fitting bra.
It is always advised to keep at least three bras in your closet and wear them on rotation. Don’t wear the same bra for more than two days as the elastic needs rest to retain its shape. Elastic will lose elasticity if stretched for a longer period.

What if I bought the wrong size? Can I repair it at home?

The answer is yes. But it needs little time and skill to repair an ill-fitted bra. Learn how to alter an ill-fitted bra.

What to do with an old bra if I can’t repair it?

Several options are possible with your old bra

  • If it’s in new condition gift it to someone
  • Donate it to some NGO that export garments to poor countries
  • If it’s of absorbing fabric make kitchen mitts out of it to hold warm objects

To make kitchen mitts:

  • Put the bra flat on a table or a stable smooth surface.
  • Cut the band of the bra
  • Cut straps of the bra
  • Remove any accessories attached to the bra in such a way that you are left with cups of the bra
  • Stitch the sides of the cups of the bra for a smooth finishing
  • Hurray your two kitchen mitts are ready

oven mitts from bra

Is it a good idea to share bras?

No, it’s not a good idea to share bars. Every human body is different, the sharing bra will not only change the shape of the bra but it also will be a source of transmitting germs from giver and taker. Some germs even don’t go away by washing so don’t put yourself at a health risk by sharing bras.See what more can sharing bras can do to you?

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