How can you alter a ill fitted bra (How to Alter a Bra Cup, Band, Straps)?

Sometimes we end up buying an ill-fitted bra. Or other times we lose or gain weight on our breasts that turn our favorite well-fitted bra into an ill-fitted bra. The ill-fitted bra is a bra that is either bigger or smaller than your true size. We have listed some methods here to fix a smaller or a bigger bra.

Fixing a bigger bra:

Fixing straps of a bigger bra: If you find that straps are looser than your requirements and boobs are still in the same position when there was no bra then you need to shorten the length of your bra straps. Take your well-fitted bra and compare its straps with an ill-fitted bra and mark how much length is extra on the strap of the ill-fitted bra. You can also measure redundant length on a bra on position.Wear your bra and measure how much strap is extra.

adjust straps of ill fitted bra

Cut the extra length with scissors and join the cut edges by sewing, by making a knot, or with the help of fabric glue.

fixing straps of ill-fitted bra

Another method to fix straps of bigger bra is making use of the adjustment sliders present on straps. Wear your bra and move adjustment clips towards the back of the bra where you feel the best fitting of bra is achieved.

adjust cups of ill-fitted bra

Fixing cups of bigger bra: Fixing a cup is a little tricky and difficult task. Compare cups of your bigger bra with your well-fitted bra and mark lines on the bigger bra from the center of the cup towards the outer edge of the cup in pie shape as shown in pictures. You can draw lines either from the center of cups towards the inner corner of cups or from the center towards the area under armholes.

Now cut a hole slit that is extra and stitch both edges together.

Another method to fix cups without cutting is to make use of cotton or makeup remover pads. Take round cotton pads and put them inside cups above nipples. This way extra space will fill up and you will get a DIY padded bra for free.

Fixing band of bigger bra:
Watch the following video to fix the band of the bigger bra.

Altering a smaller bra:

adjust straps of ill fitted bra

Fixing straps of smaller bra: Firstly, try adjusting the adjustment clips and see if it works. If it does not help then you may need to add some extra elastic band in the bra straps. Measure your ill-fitted bra straps with a best fitting bra and mark and measure how much they are short in length. Now cut a piece of cloth elastic band according to your short measurement.

Cut bra strap and join the elastic band between the cut edges of the straps to elongate the length of the strap. You can also make use of the padded shoulder pad to get an adjustment.

adjust cups of ill fitted bra

Fixing cups of smaller bra: Measure your smaller bra with actual bra and mark lines on ill-fitted bras. Mark a line from the center of the cup towards the outer edge of the cup or from the center of the cups towards the armhole as shown in the pictures. Now cut the bra on these marked lines. With marker draw pattern on some extra cloth same size of the slit and cut the piece. Sew the fabric and bra edges together firmly.If your cups are too small then learn how to fix too small cups.

Fixing band of smaller bra:
Use Bra Strap Extenders to lengthened the band length.
bra strap extenders
Some tips:

  • Use sharp scissors to cut the bra
  • If you are a beginner with a bra then first try this on an expired bra
  • Use matching color elastic band and fabric for a neat finishing
  • Decorate elastic band with fabric glitters or other accessories for a better finish.

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