Different methods to measure bra size with or without measuring tape

A time comes in every woman’s life to measure bra size at home. Measuring bra size can be a little difficult when you don’t have proper guidance to do so. In this article, we have explained different methods that will help you to measure bra size with or without measuring tape accurately at home with or without measuring tape.

Before going to bra size calculation methods first you need to understand what is a bra size? What do a number and alphabet mean? For instance, if a bra size is 34C then what does this 34 and C means. So let’s understand what does a bra size means before going to measure bra size with or without measuring tape accurately at home with or without measuring tape.

What does a bra size mean?

Bra size is a combination of two measurements. A band size and a Cup Size.

Band size: Band size is measured under your breasts around the rib cage as shown in the video. Keep in mind that bra size comes in inches, whole numbers and an even number so measure yourself in the nearest even and whole numbers. Also, make your that measuring instrument lies straight on your back along with your frontline. Let’s assume your band size comes out to be 34.

Cup size: To know your cup size first you must measure around your boobs (bust size). Keep measuring tape straight at your back parallel with your boob line. Let’s suppose your measurements come out to be 35. Now subtract the band size from bust size:
Band size is 34
Bust size is 35
Difference = bust size – band size = 35-34 = 1

The difference comes out 1 means your cup size will be A and bra size will be 34A. Now let’s take another example:

Band size is 38
Bust size is 40
Difference = bust size – band size = 40-38 = 2

The difference comes out to be 2 so cup size will be B and bra size will be 38B. Each inch difference adds a cup size to the bra

You can also calculate your bra size using a bra size calculator.

Now let’s see different methods to calculate bra size.

Measure bra size with measuring tape:

If you have measuring tape, then you are in luck. Simply take the measuring tape and measure yourself as shown in the video and get your bra size. Alternatively, you can use a bra size calculator to measure to know your accurate bra size.

Why you need to measure without a measuring tape

• You are on vacation and forgot your bras at home
• You lost your bra during shifting
• You are going through pregnancy and your bra size is changing rapidly and you have lost your measuring tape
• You live in a hostel and don’t have a measuring tape with you
• Just for fun

Measure bra size without measuring tape:

Don’t be afraid if you don’t have a measuring tape. There are many alternate ways to measure your bra size without measuring tape.

Printable measuring tape:
Here we have provided a printable measuring tape. Download it and print it and use it according to provided instructions. Then measure yourself according to the aforementioned methods and calculate your bra size using our bra size calculator.

measure bra size without measuring tape
Another method to measure yourself without a measuring tape is to measure yourself with a rope or belt or a thread. Then compare this belt with a ruler. Lay the rope straight and flat and measure it with a ruler.

Let’s suppose your pant length is 34 inches. You can wrap your pant around your bust and under bust to measure your bra size without a measuring tape. Another way is to measure yourself with a rope, belt or thread and compare that with your pant that’s length your already know.

Compare with the US bill:
US bill is almost six inches. You can also make use of that to measure your bra size. All you must do is wrap a rope or thread around you. Measure yourself and then compare the rope with the US bill.

iPhone or android:
You can also take advantage of your iPhone or Android phone. All you have to do is to check the size of your device on the internet then measure yourself with some rope-like object and then measure that object with your phone.

A4 Paper
If you investigate the drawer of your study table, there is a bright chance that you will find an A4 paper. The length of an A4 paper is 11.7. So, you already know what to do measure yourself with thread and then measure that thread with A4 paper. Its, not important that you must have a new A4 paper you can also make use of old A4 paper.

Everybody owns an LCD or LED.LCD and LED come in different sizes i.e. 28-inch,32-inch, 64 inch and 72 inch, and many more. So, like the previous objects, you must measure yourself with thread and then measure that thread with screen.

Old Bra:
If you already own a bra then look for a size tag attached to the inner side of the bra cups to know your bra size.

Similarly, you can measure yourself with any belt or thread-like object and then compare it with an object that’s length you already know.

Do women like a bra as a gift?

No…There are a couple of reasons behind this no

1. Bra is such an intimate and personal decision that she will not be comfortable with anyone else doing this shopping for her.
2. You don’t know her plans for the next bra. Maybe you end up buying a bra that she totally hates
3. Sizing varies from style to style and brand to brand…even if you know the exact size you may get a misfit

What does it mean when a girl wants a bra as a gift?Yes

It means she wants a bra from you that you like to see her wearing. Obviously, if a girl demands a bra from you, you are more than a friend for her….someone special. So it’s better to take her with you for bra shopping and choose the piece that you both like.Learn more on do boys like bra or bra less sex?

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