Cheap Bomb Shell bra dupes, look-alike, and alternatives

The Victoria Secret bombshell bra has built-in padding that gives a boost of two sizes or more to breasts hence referred to as bomb bra. Usually, VS bomb bra starts from $49 and goes up to $100 and more. Today we are presenting some bras with similar results but available at a much cheaper price.

The Maidenform $27

The Maidenform ultimate push-up bra provides the same boost only for $27. The Maidenform ultimate push-up bra comes in a variety of styles and colors and we are not hesitant to say it is the best alternative to the Victoria secret bombshell bra. The bra also barred coverage by Elle Magazine. Get your bra here

Self-Expressions Two Times Sexy Bra $17

If your looking for a bra to give you some more boobage lol, you MUST buy this bra!!! You will LOVE it!! The bra is comfy and light and gives a natural boost and does not feel heavy. Just in $17.
Self-Expressions Two Times Sexy Bra adds two cups to your busts. It comes in a variety of styles, colors, and prints. So good that it looks like a breast implant. Gives prominent cleavage confidence and a sexy look.

Wingslove Women’s Push Up Bra Deep V Plunge Underwire T-Shirt Bra Multiway 2 Cups Up $32

Exceptional Two Pumps Push-up cushioned design to lift your bosom 2 additional cups for a charming look. Comes with side padding like the original VS bra and gives a natural boost. Comfortable, silky, and smooth available at half price as of VS. Wingslove Women’s Push Up Bra Deep V Plunge Underwire T-Shirt Bra Multiway 2 Cups Up is often referred to as a game-changer because of the right amount of added padding that it is expected to provide without any extra heavy feeling. If you are looking for a boost and a Cleavage without feeling squeezed!!! In a few $$$$ it is for you.

Deyllo Women’s Push Up Lace Bra Comfort Padded Underwire Bra Lift Up Add One Cup $21

Deyllo push-up bra intended to lift and shape the bust, this bras will assist you with feeling at your most feminine. Many colors decisions are available. It should suit you impeccably, and address your issues. This high-quality bra provides perfect push-up and cleavage without any discomfort. Gives you the sexiest lift, the support is there!!!!! Just in $21.

Smart & Sexy Women’s Signature Lace Push-up Bra $11

The Smart and Sexy ladies bra is estimated for the ideal fit, you’ll forever be comfortable, secure, and confident. With 600 million bras sold, Smart and Sexy know how to accomplish the ideal fit and sexy look in just $11.

DIY methods to get an extra lift:

Use makeup remover pads: Make-up remover pads can do more for you than you think. Take a makeup remover pad and put it inside your cup above the nipple to get an instant boost. Similarly, you can put make remover pads inside the cup around the nipple to get a more natural look. But make sure that pads are placed firmly otherwise you will end up with a fallen pad on the floor.
You can also use duct tape to lift your breasts upward and inward to produce a clear cleavage. To know more about how to use duct tape to produce cleavage refers to the following article Use duct tape to produce cleavage.

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