Celebrities’ Bra sizes before and after surgery

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase breast size. Victoria Beckham went straight 5 cups up 34A to 34DDD. Kim Kardashianwent from 34B to 34D/DD..It was introduced to help women look better who were bullied or abused because of their small breast sizes. But over time, to look rich and seek attention many women went through it. Many celebrities who want more business opportunities took this surgery. Let’s see the before and after Bra sizes of celebrities with breast implants.

Victoria bekham befpre and after breast surgery


Victoria Beckham:

Who doesn’t know Victoria Beckham? A model turned fashion designer, singer, and pop star also made it to the list of ladies with breast implants. She was one of the first women who had undergone breast surgery circa 1999. Her bra size changed from 34A to 34DDD. In 2009 she regretted her decision of breast implants due to some health issues or she said in an interview that David didn’t like them. After re-surgery, she went back to size 34B.


Kim Kardashian:

Kardashians are famous for their unusual moves all over the world. Kim says she planned a breast surgery after childbirth but her photo says she did before. On the launch of her band SKIMS netizens noticed her up-lifted and plastic breasts that were not possible without surgery but she denies the procedure up till now. So, whatever the truth is she looks stunning in this look. Her bra size changed from 34B to 34D/DD.


Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj has done many cosmetic surgical operations including breast implants. Her breast augmentation comes to light when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction at a Morning show. The energetic rapper accidentally exposed her left lifted firm operated boob to the audience which revealed the truth. She went from 34B to 34F.


Angelina Julie:

Angelina Jolie openly admitted her breast augmentation and she had always supported women who want to have an operation.
Angelina Julie is one of the superstars that openly admitted her breast surgery. In 2013 doctors found out that she has an 87% chance of developing breast cancer. She took the prediction seriously and went through a preventive double mastectomy to get rid off her dying breasts. Then she went for breast enlargement surgery. She is one of the bravest ladies who has admitted and supported breast enlargement surgery in the words “It’s an advance procedure with beautiful results”. She went from 34B to 34C.


Heidi Montag:

The Hills star made it to the list of artificial breasts in 2009 which increased her bra size to 35DDD from 34B. She faced a heart condition due to this extreme implant which she has admitted in an interview with Paper Magazine.


Sarah Jessica Parker:

The “Sex and the City” also made it to the list of breast implanters carriers. The designer is looking better than before and we are loving her new fabulous look. She went from 34C to 34F.


Naya Rivera:

Naya Rivera who got fame for her TV series Glee also remained in the headlines due to her undertook cosmetic surgical operations including Lip fillers, cheek reconstructions, eyebrow lifts, and breast augmentation. The before and after photos are shown. She went up from 34B to 34D.


Taylor Swift:

Since 2016 we are very much confused about whether she has done a boob job or not. She keeps denying that she has done any procedures but masses and field experts think the opposite. So let’s look at the above picture and decide whether she has done the boob job done? Are these firm and perkier boobs natural? She went up from a A cup size to C cup size.


Carol Vorderman:

Carol claims that her fit bosom is due to her healthy lifestyle. But we are living in the 21st century and can’t be fooled now. Experts say that it’s an obvious boob job done. See her before and after photos. She went up from a B cup to D cup.


Salma Hayek:

Salma says that her breasts keep growing and she didn’t get any boob job done. But at 55 such beautiful breasts are impossible, but she is still denying that she has gone under the knife. Whatever the reality is she looks stunning every time. She went up from a B cup to a C cup.


Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Jenner the most followed woman on Instagram with more than 350 million followers denied cosmetic surgery procedures except lip fillers. Which she could not deny as we have before and after pictures. In April 2022 at the promotion of her makeup brand with her sister Kendall Jenner she said that her breasts are the result of maturing. But Kylie we are living in the 21st century and we know how natural breasts look alike. She went up from a A cup to C cup.


Kelly Rowland:

Kelly Rowland openly admits her boob job and said that she was thinking about them since she was 18. She explains that she tried padded bras and other options before going towards implants. But waited 10 years before actually going under the knife after her mum’s advice. She said that she is very happy about them. She went up from a 32A cup to 32C cup.


Cardi B:

Cardi B is one of the bravest actresses who openly admits her boob job after the birth of her daughter. She said that sometimes they are good but sometimes not…my skin is stretched out…motherhood fucked me up. She admitted this fact on her Instagram post wearing red cargo pants, zebra color sneakers in a sheer black top “I can’t swim I bought these titties so I can float”. Reader, please don’t leave your life jackets home silicone implants can’t save you. She went up from a 34B cup to 34DD cup.

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