All you need to know about breast cancer-detecting bras

Every 1 in 8 women (13%) suffer from breast cancer in the US says the American cancer society. It is expected that this ratio will increase to 30% in 2021. Breast cancer is the 2nd most deadly cancer preceded by lung cancer in US women.

Breast cancer-detecting bra:

Two breast cancer-detecting bras have been brought to the table:

First, Julian Rios Cantu 18 invented a breast cancer detection bra in 2017 after his mother nearly died of breast cancer. Julian’s mom was saved later and both breasts were removed. This incident moved Julian and he studied all the diagnostic practices used to detect breast cancer. He came up with the idea of 1st stage breast cancer detection bra with three more friends.

Bra is called EVA bra and its prototype is developed until now. Julian worked with his three friends and made a company to raise enough money to begin testing and simulations. Julian also won different awards on this invention like he won the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards and their company Hagia Technologies also won a cash price of $20000.

The second bra was invented by EPFL students in partnership with IcosaMed.Their bra is named a smart bra. This bra detects cancer by frequent ultrasound monitoring and is pain-free and non-invasive. Smart bra team Vuillet, Fatemeh Ghadamieh, Samet Hana, and Jules Pochon received many awards from EPFL professors. Their work was so impressive that IcosaMed decided to keep a partnership with them.
breast cancer detection bra


How bras work?

How EVA’s cancer detection bra works?

Cancerous skin has increased body temperature due to excessive blood flow. Eva bra has built-in temperature sensors that measure body temperature and send them to an app that will alert the user in case of abnormal measures.A woman who wants to get herself monitored will have to wear this bra for 1 to 1.5 hours every week to get accurate measurements.

How smart bra works?

IcosaMed’s technology emits ultrasound waves that perform echography scans of cancerous skin. Ultrasound waves are produced by piezoelectric sensors which get activated by pressure. This technology makes it a comfortable and easy-to-carry bra. If the sensors detect a lump of cells it will alert the wearer for disturbing changes.
The founders say that smart bra will prove a revolutionary gadget in the coming days. They say that conventional treatments are expensive and the patient has to go through a trauma. Founders claim that our system is more than a cancer detection system—one day the system will emit ultrasound waves to self-destruct cancerous cells.

How does a cancer detection bra look like?

Eva’s bra looks like a normal bra. It is equipped with 200 small sensors that monitor texture, color, and temperature changes.
In the same way, a Smart bra also looks like a normal bra and causes no pain and discomfort.

Does cancer detection bras work?

The EVA bra is in its early stages of development. Yet it needs to be tested on tried on medical grounds by experts of the field. Cancer research center UK says that cancer-prone skin has increased temperature but increased temperature is not always a sign of breast cancer.

At the moment, there is no scientific evidence that supports the use of the EVA bra as a reliable gadget for breast cancer detection. So, it’s not a good idea to start using a gadget that has not been tested rigorously by experts because it can diagnose false positives and women may skip monograms.

In the same way, the Smart bra is also is in the initial stages, and funds are required for a functional design.
In the first stage, the Smart bra will be available for cancer victims only. In the second stage, the target market will include women who have a family history of the disease. IcosaMed says that we need CHF 4 million for the development of a functional prototype that we are building with Turck Duotech and another CHF 2.5 for the first market launch in 2021. The smart bra team is so determined about their product that they hope to launch smart underwear and bodysuits for other cancer detection in the future.

Recommended ways to detect breast cancer by health experts:

• Monograms: If you feel something unusual in your breast a lump or shape change your doctor may recommend you a detailed x-ray called a monogram.
• Doctor Exam: The doctor will examine the breasts in detail to look for any signs of cancer.
• Breast Ultrasound: A machine that uses sound waves to take pictures of the inside of breast tissues called a sonogram.
• MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging is a magnetic scan linked to a computer. This scan will take a detailed picture of every tissue of the breast
• Biopsy: In this test liquid or cells are collected from the breast that is observed under a microscope to do more testing.

Early signs of breast cancer:

• Pain in boobs
• Liquid discharge from breast
• Lumps in the breast part
• A change in size and shape of boobs
• Changes in shape of the nipple
• Redness or itching

FAQS Breast Cancer

Can I get breast cancer from keeping my phone in bra cups?
No the current safety limits in mobile phone design make mobile a human-friendly device that causes no harm. Read more

What is the most effective way of detecting breast cancer?
At the moment, biopsy is the most effective way of detecting the disease. In biopsy doctors take some discharge or tissue from the affected are study it under different lab conditions.

Do breast cancer occurs in both boobs?
Experts say only 2 in 5 women develop breast cancer in both breasts.

Is breast cancer more common in the right boob?
It is the left breast that develops more breast cancer than the right 10% more. The left side of the body is also more prone to skin cancer.

At what age, a woman can get breast cancer?
Women usually above 50 develop breast cancer. Breast cancer is uncommon in teenagers and women who are in the ’20s and ’30s.

What food kills breast cancer?
Food sources like natural products, vegetables, entire grains, solid fats, and protein may prevent disease. On the other hand, processed meats, refined carbs, salt, and liquor may build your danger.


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