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3 out of 4 women wear ill-fitted bras their whole lives because they don’t know how to measure a bra, how a well-fitted bra looks, and how to calculate bra size. Correct measurement and correct bra size calculator are always the first steps toward finding a perfect fitting bra. Gone are the times when 4 was added in band size to calculate bra size. Today, luckily, we have several bra size calculators available online that adhere to the latest manufacturing techniques to calculate bra size. So let’s see how bra size calculator works.

How to check bra size at home:

Bra Calculator
To begin with, take a measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror.

Step1. Calculate band size

  • Stand on a smooth surface in front of a mirror
  • There should be no clothing on your bosom
  • Wrap the measuring tape around your ribs just below your boobs. The tape should be not too tight not too loose but how you want your bra to feel. Make sure that the tape has no twists and lies straight on your back parallel to the front
  • Measure when you exhale
  • Round the obtained number in the nearest whole even number for example 31.5 inches to 32.
  • This is your band size. Let’s suppose your reading comes out to be 32.
  • Don’t measure if you are having gas trouble on the same day

Step2. Calculate bust size/ cup size

  • Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your boobs that is mainly around your nipple area.
  • Please double check that the tape has no twists or knots and lies parallel with your boobs on your back.
  • Round off the obtained measurement to the nearest even number.
  • Please keep in mind that this number is always bigger or equal to your band size.
  • Subtract this number from band size. For example, if the reading comes out to be 34 then 34-32=2
  • So it’s a cup size B. 1-inch difference is size A, the 2-inch difference is size B, and so on. Please refer to the bra size chart for more understanding

How to check bra size using a bra size calculator:

The above method was just for understanding. We won’t recommend you to do that when several bra calculators are available online. Using a bra size calculator is a very simple and efficient way of calculating bra size. Follow these steps:

  • Calculate band size as mentioned above
  • Calculate bust size as mentioned above
  • Feed these two figures in a bra calculator that is not wrong to know your bra size.
  • That’s it. Simple!!!!

Things to remember:

  • Check your bra size every 3-6 months
  • It’s better to take help from someone. Someone’s helps will make the process easier and smoother.
  • Using a bra calculator will only help you to know your perfect bra size. if you are trying a new brand, it is strongly advised to try a bra before buying. Because bra fabric e.g.: loose or elastic, padded or non-padded, backless or with a back may not fit properly even though you are buying the same number. So always try a bra at a lingerie store before buying then order online your next piece.
  • Bra cups should fully contain your breasts there should be no space on the front or side of your cups. Also, your straps you be fully adjusted to your desired level. Please check how a well-fitted bra looks and feels.

Some FAQs on bra size calculation?

Q1. Why do women need to wear a bra?

Women need to wear a bra to:

  • Control bounce of breasts
  • Enhance the perkier look
  • Enhance cleavage
  • Prevent breasts from showing up under sheer clothes
  • Control discomfort and pain
  • Increase confidence

Q2. When do women need to start wearing a bra?
The signs are:

  • Your breasts start bouncing like a yoyo
  • Nipples start to show up under sheer and tight clothes
  • Your breasts become sensitive

Q3. What is the overall best bra to wear?

A T-shirt bra can fulfill all your needs and is best for everyday use. The T-shirt bra gives a smooth look due to its seamless, non-floral design. At the same time, it is comfortable enough that you don’t feel you are wearing a bra without compromising the support and coverage that a bra is meant to provide.

Q4. What can a wrong bra do to the body?

A wrong bra can push you into a plethora of problems like
If your bra is smaller than your size then:

  • Pain in breasts, shoulders, head, neck, and back
  • Red marks on the body
  • Problem in movement
  • Bad Posture

If your bra is bigger than your size then:

  • No perkier look
  • No bounce control

Hanes Ultimate T-Shirt Bra

Q5. How can I know I am wearing a well-fitted bra?

  • The center gore lies flat on your chest
  • The back band lies flat on your back without riding up
  • There are no red marks on your bosom and shoulder
  • You feel perkier and confident
  • Breast tissue doesn’t spill out from cups and there is no extra space in cups.

Q6. How to wear a bra correctly?

The following steps ensure that you are wearing a bra correctly

  • Perform the scoop and swoop to take full advantage of the bra
  • Straps are adjusted on your required elevated look
  • The center gore lies flat on your chest

Q7. How to make your bra last as long as possible?

Follow these steps to increase the longevity of the bra

  • Firstly, make sure that you are wearing a well-fitted bra. An ill-fitted bra expires earlier than a good fitting bra
  • Keep at least three bras and don’t wear a bra for more than two days
  • Always wash the bra with a gentle cleanser/shampoo
  • If your bra is not very dirty then avoid machine washing and follow the following method: Soak the bra in a mixture of cold water and cleanser for half an hour, followed by one to two rinses of cold water. Then table dry in a shady place to prevent the bra from deforming

Q8. How do I know that my bra has expired?

If you are wearing your bra daily then it is advised to revamp your closet in six months. However, balconette or strapless which are worn a few times can stay longer.

Q9: Is it good to calculate bra size at home?

It is always advised to calculate bra size at home. A woman’s body is going through millions of hormonal changes every single day that can directly affect her breast size. Every month you cannot run to the lingerie store to check your bra size. That’s why it is strongly advised to calculate your bra size at home every month to check that you are on a right track and wearing your size.

However, if you find it difficult to calculate yourself you can seek help from someone at your home or can visit a bra fitting expert at your local bra-selling stores.

Q10: How frequently should I calculate my bra size?

You need to check your bra size every one to three months if you are leading a healthy life. In other cases, if you are going through any medical problem or pregnancy or getting any hormonal treatment it is advised to calculate your bra size every week.

Q11: Does bra size comes in inches only?

The answer is bra size comes in both inches and cm. It varies from country to country for example the UK and the US follow the inch system. Their bra sizes look like UK 34B and UK 34C. France and Japan follow the cm system. Their bra sizes look like FR 70C or FR 75C. So follow the standard of the country where you spend most of your time.

Q12: Does bra size only comes in even number?

No, it’s not the case. Bra size that comes in inches follows the even number system only whereas bra size that comes in cm follows the both even and odd number system and comes in even as well as odd numbers.

Q13: What are letters A, B, C, and D in bra size?

Look at the following example:
UK 32 C
As you can above bra size is always remains a combination of three numbers
UK: the UK is for country standard. It can be the US, EU or FR, etc.
32: 32 is the band size measurement of ribs
C: Is your cup size which shows the volume of the breasts

Q14: What is the smallest and biggest bra size available?

The smallest bra size available until now is 28AA for children and the biggest size available is 54LL. According to CNN Annie Hawkins-Turner bra size is 102 ZZZ. The natural largest bra existing in the world.

Q14: Why do most women prefer beige bras?
The reason behind this fact is very simple. Beige color bra mixes with the skin and other people cannot guess you are wearing a bra. On the other hand, a black or red, or even white bra easily shows up under sheer clothes especially when you are sweating and that can be embarrassing many times.

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