Bra or no bra during sex-do guys like it?

Bra is an attractive weapon to turn on your man before going down for sex. But what if you don’t want to take off your bra during sex due to some reasons like:

  • You think that your breasts are ugly, and you don’t want your man to look at them.
  • You are afraid that your breasts are too small and if your boyfriend will see the actual size, he will leave you
  • You feel that your breasts are too sensitive, and a harsh touch will hurt them.
  • You have faced a breast surgery
  • You have some wired mark on your breasts
  • You have lost shape due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or any accident
  • You are too hairy on your boobs part and feel embarrassed about your hair
  • Bra or no bra during sex
    In this regard, women are often found asking the following questions to another woman about Bra or no bra during sex-do guys like it?

    Is it fine not to take off bra during sex? What do guys think about bra during sex? Do they like bra or dislike them during sex? What if a girl doesn’t want to take her bra off during sex will it affect her relationship? Do all the girls take off bra during sex or some keep it? Is it a norm to take bra off during sex?
    We asked these questions to different couples and here are our findings

    Bra or no bra during sex-do guys like it? What people think

    Joe thoughts on Bra or no bra during sex-do guys like it? I don’t like bra any time and especially during sex a big NOOO. I don’t get why women wear bra? It’s a beauty and they should not cover it.

    John thoughts on Bra or no bra during sex-do guys like it? I have been married for 6 years and never compelled my girl to take off her bra during sex. I know how to enjoy with a bra and without a bra. I am happy if she is happy. I have given her full freedom to dress in whatever she feels confident and comfortable.

    Tom thoughts on Bra or no bra during sex-do guys like it? I think boobs look sexier in bra. Bra gives a sexier look, cleavage, and volume and takes me to knees in front of my girl. I like bra during intercourse.

    Joseph thoughts on Bra or no bra during sex-do guys like it? I am more interested in vagina at that time, but I like when naked boobs are bouncing around
    Louis: On Bra or no bra during sex-do guys like it? Louis says honestly during intercourse I have other things to concentrate on. But it’s good if I see bare boobs especially when she is on top.

    Andriana on thoughts on Bra or no bra during sex-do guys like it? I have beautiful breasts white with light pink nipples. I want them to expose them to my partner whenever I have a chance to do so.

    Bra or no bra during sex

    Jacob: It depends upon my mood. Sometimes I feel myself more attracted towards boobs I want to touch them and kiss them and take her bra off, other times I focus on her vagina because she has also got a beautiful vagina. So, it varies from session to session. Bra and no bra both are normal for me.

    Leo: We don’t do sex with bra. Either one of us will take it off. There is no sense of bra during sex. Sometimes she takes it off other times I do so.

    San: I want to open all the clothes during sex. I want to lick, kiss, suck, slap, fondle, and tickle. Sex is a very visual thing for me.

    Doe: It’s totally weird to wear a bra during sex. Infect, I start sex with boobs.

    Ali: I have no concern with a bra. I know how to do my job with or without a bra. But my girl wants me to take off the bra kiss and lick her boobs, so I do this to on her.

    Butt: At the start of our relationship my partner wanted me to take off my bra but now he does not bother it at all.

    George: Not a good idea for me. Naked boobs turn me on.

    Eric: I like skin-to-skin interaction. A complete hug nothing between us. I always ask my wife to take off her bra during intercourse and sleep. Bra off gives me a feeling of trust and openness. It gives me energy that my girl trusts me and feels comfortable in my company.

    Although my wife has a beautiful breast but if she didn’t have, I still have gone for no bra. There should be no secrets, shyness, and discomfort between you and your wife. You have to accept your partner with positivity and negativity. A couple should have a strong bond to expose everything to each other. Learn to appreciate others especially your girl.

    Jeremy: I want to press boobs so no bra for me.

    Sun: Does not matter I can do intercourse with full clothes on.

    Bush: I will not mind it. I like the feeling of some cloth over her body.

    Bra or no bra during sex

    West: My wife is a little hairy, and she didn’t want to put her bra off. But on the other hand, I can’t hug her properly when she is wearing a bra. I wanted to tell her how much I hate bra. I was confused why she wants to hide her breasts from me. One day during sex I asked her why she don’t let me take her bra off? She became nervous but explained the reason that she has hairs on her nipples that she doesn’t want me to see. I laughed and said it’s not a big deal.
    Let’s do sex in dark without a bra that she agreed after some hesitation. For three months we did sex in dark lights off after that she got enough confidence to do sex in light without a bra. Try to understand your partner, give space, discuss concerns to lead a healthy relationship. Don’t impose your likes and dislikes on your partner and try to understand him/her. Find love in little things and enjoy this beautiful life.

    Sex with the bra is a normal thing and sex without a bra is also a normal thing. To wear a bra during sex is a debate of mutual interest of both partners. Some couples do sex with full clothes on and others with no clothes. It’s not a complicated matter. Discuss it with your partner and choose the way that goes best with both of you.Don’t know your girl friend bra size?Learn how to guess your girl friend bra size.Other options available for bra on during sex is invisible bra.

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