Bra Faqs

How do you know if the bra fits properly?

Check the band: A well-fitted band stays in level with your front at your back. If the band moves upward that means you are wearing a big bra and if the band moves downward that means you are wearing a small bra.
Cups: Cups should cover the entire breasts there should be no spillage, space, bulging on sides, top and bottom
Center front: Should lie flat on the chest
Straps: No digging or slipping

Which bra to wear daily?

It depends on your daily routine. If you work at a gym then you need a sports bra on daily basis or if you are a school teacher then you need a traditional padded or non-padded bra. If you are attached to a fashion company then you may need plunge bras or demi bras. If you are a breastfeeding mother then you might need a maternity bra. There is no hard and fast rule it all depends on your work and breasts requirement.

Is it ok when I feel my bra?

No, a well-fitted bra does not produce any feeling. Like well-fitted shoes do not give any feeling in the same way a well-fitted bra does not feel at all. If you think that you are facing any ache or discomfort with your bra then you might need to change it.


Which cup size is attractive?

A medical teleconsultation website conducted a survey and revealed that Cup size C, D, and DD is popular among European and American men and women.
Polanders and Hungarian prefer B cup size. British, French, and Belgians prefer the aforementioned cup size that is C, D, and DD.
Most Asians prefer heavy-breasted woman cup size D and above and breast enlargement creams and surgeries are very popular in these countries.

Which bra makes you look perfect?

A good choice is an under-wire bra with full coverage. Although many women find the underwire bra uncomfortable, it gives you full support with beautifully molded rounded boobs. It’s also an idea for a woman with sagging breasts.

Does a tight bra prevent sagging?

Tight bras pull the breast with so much pressure against the gravity that ruins the breast’s natural shape. This pull weakens the breast tissue and early sagging can occur.

Does wearing a bra stops breast growth?

An ill-fitted bra can affect breast growth. For example, Padaung the long neck woman have you ever wondered how they achieve those long necks. They wear brass rings coiled around their neck to achieve that look. In the same Japanese wear iron shoes to stop the growth of their feet. Some tribes in japan consider long feet ugly.
Similarly, if you wear ill-fitted bras especially tight bras it will shape the tissues and breasts will become D-shape.


Are bras uncomfortable at first?

Yes, a new bra can be a little uncomfortable until the first wash or first 5 to 6 days. But if after 5 to 6 days it’s still causing discomfort then you may need to consult your bra fitting specialist or go one size up and down.

Why has my bra become uncomfortable suddenly?

It may be due to:

  • You have gained weight
  • You have lost weight
  • Your bra has expired
  • You are going through hormonal changes
  • You are pregnant
  • Someone else worn your bra

If you are going through the above-mentioned circumstances then please consult a bra fitting expert at your local bra store.

When does the breast stop growing?

Like the rest of the body, breasts stop growing two years after puberty. But scientific evidence exists that says breasts keep slight growth or change shape over time. Moreover, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding also alter the shape of breasts.

What happens when a girl doesn’t wear a bra?

Going braless has many pros and cons:

Freedom: Freedom no cage-like feeling. Boobs can enjoy frees air breathe fresh air and relax. You can understand how feet feel when shoes are removed after a hectic day.
Money-saving: No bra no expense saves coins.
Enjoy summer: No bra no increased sweating, a big problem caused by padded bras.
Improved blood circulation: Thin blood vessels present in the skin face no extra pressure and blood keeps flowing naturally.

Un controllable bounce: Boobs will dance a lot in four directions that can be embracing for you
No coverage: People can judge your nipple color if you are wearing a white T-shirt

Why does my bra leave red marks over my breasts?

Red marks, you are wearing a small bra than a recommended size. Go one or two sizes up.

What should I do if I don’t find a perfect bra?

Don’t worry there are several other options available for you in the market

Free size bra: A free size bra is an elastic bra that can fit anyone and provide coverage and support like a normal bra do.
Silicone adhesive bra: Silicon adhesive bra is also a free size bra and works like a sticker
Free size sports bra: A all-rounder bra. Many women even Gigi wears this on regular basis. Comfort, coverage, and support what’s that it can’t do?

Should my 14-year-old girl need to wear a bra?

There come teenage bras specially designed for teenage girls that look more like a sports bra. The teenage bra provides full support and coverage like a normal bra can do. Also, the teenage bra can be worn on and off like a normal T-shirt and your girl will not need your assistance while putting it off or putting it off.
Moreover, she will not have to worry about bra straps that may reveal during school games and activities. Furthermore, a teenage bra comes in free size and your girl will be lucky not to face problems caused by an ill-fitted bra-like shoulder or back pain, red marks, or discomfort.

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