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Every three seconds a woman is raped around the world. Unfortunately, rape cases are not just limited to under-developed countries, but developed countries also face millions of cases every year. Other than rape, it is estimated that 35% of women also face sexual harassment every year. Many anti-rape apps, devices, and gadgets are introduced in the market, that can help women up to some extent. The anti-rape bra is one that promises safety in a difficult situation.

What is an anti-rape bra?

The anti-rape bra is an engineered bra that has some kind of built-in technology to repel rapists. Until now two types of anti-rape bras are under development

1. The first anti-rape bra or Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE) was developed by Indian engineers in 2012 after the sad New-Delhi rape incident happened that moved the whole country. The anti-rape bra has pressure sensors embedded on its cup part. These pressure sensors are further linked to an electric circuit and a GPS. On pressure, these sensors send a signal to the electric system which generates a current of 3800 kilovolts enough to burn a rapist. In the meantime, the GPS also sends an alert to police about the incident. An anti-rape bra is a water-proof bra and insulated from inside that ensures the victim’s security. The bra is also capable to identify fake pressure like the pressure of a hug and has an on/off switch. Source:

2. The second anti-rape bra is an electric flexible chip that can be sticked on any piece of clothing. Whenever this chip senses a defined pressure level it alerts some predefined phone numbers in its database by a call and SMS. The SMS contains the geographic location of the victim. If the person who receives this SMS/call takes timely action the victim can be saved from rapists. Source:

Why an anti-rape bra?

Women are physically weak as compared to men. The idea of carrying a gunman or gun is not practical. On the other hand, some mentally weak people take advantage of these weaknesses to fulfill their sexual desires. Rape is a forceful sexual activity with the opposite gender without his/her willingness. Every year millions of women are raped all over the world. It is estimated that every three minutes a woman is raped in the US and millions of cases remain un-reported through-out the year.

The other sad side of the rape-incidents is this that woman who becomes rape victims are often forced to stay calm because of social pressure. This is because of the reason that people don’t want to marry a woman who is not a virgin especially in Asian countries. Moreover, society also blames the woman for the incident if she used to wear short dresses and preferred to go outside alone.

Statistics show that rape victims can be of any age. In 2019 even a three-month-old baby was raped and murdered in India. According to surveys, mostly girls of age 12 to 16 years become a trap of rapists because this age group is usually unable to judge the wild thinking of criminals and also 70% of the culprits are family members or someone from their social circle.

South Africa has faced the highest number of rape incidents in the last few years. A survey revealed that every one in four was accused of rape. Countries with the highest rape rates are South Africa (132.40), Botswana (92.90), Lesotho (82.70), Swaziland (77.50), Bermuda (67.30), Sweden (63.50, Suriname (45.20), Costa Rica (36.70), Nicaragua (31.60) and Grenada (30.60). Source:

Women are always looking for ways to protect themselves from this dirty act. Some women take a dog when going out or some carry a pepper spray or a simple stick but none of the methods is 100% bulletproof. An anti-rape bra provided 100% security when put in trials. Many women were satisfied with its performance and said that “its comfortable and easy to carry under different clothes. We felt confident and felt no fear in going out.”

How does an anti-rape bra look like?

anti rape bra
1.The first anti-rape bra looks like a normal bra and comes with a small lightweight circuit that can be easily carried in a bag or can be attached to the body.

2.The second anti-rape bra is an electric chip that can be sticked on the inner side of the cup or panties or any part of the clothing. This chip is so small it gives the feeling “no chip is there”. Also, the chip is covered in a skin-friendly material that causes no allergy, rash, or discomfort. The chip can be easily sticked and removed from clothes and leaves no stain.
anti rape bra
P.C:MIT Media Lab via YouTube

Where to buy anti-rape bra?

Unfortunately, the commercial release of bras is still in progress but on the other hand rape incidents ratio has increased over the past years. It is the need of the hour to focus on research, development, and release of these gadgets on a commercial level as soon as possible to make women safe all over the world.

An anti-rape bra can save many innocent women but cannot provide security in every situation. Rape victims can be of any age from 3 months to 80 years old. The idea of the anti-rape bra is not practical for every age group. For instance, a 3-month-old cannot carry an anti-rape bra. Moreover, the nature of rape incidents also varies from incident to incident. If rapists are single anti-rape bra can help, but, if it’s a gang or if someone is smart enough to switch the system off or cut wires or make a woman unconscious buy some drug, or hitting on the head then this bra is not going to help out.

More research is required in this domain to develop a robust solution keeping in mind all the situations. Law enforcement agencies should also make sure that culprits should get penalized according to the defined rules and regulations of the state to avoid further incidents. A woman should also care for herself and try to avoid going out alone in odd hours or less populated areas without any security measures.

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