All you need to know about tape bra

Are you tired of digging bra straps? Never found a bra that fulfills your all needs. Don’t worry today we have come up with a solution for you that will end your infinite hunt for a bra. A tape bra. Let’s explore what is tape bra and does it really works?

What is a tape bra?

A tape bra as the name shows looks like a normal duct tape that is used to seal envelopes, boxes, gifts, and much more. A tape bra comes in the form of a roll. Small lengths of tape are cut from the roll and applied to the breasts in a bottom to top and inward motion. In the same way, it is removed from the body in a top to bottom peeling motion. Boob tape can also be applied to produce different bra looks like a demi bra look and a push-up bra look etc. For perkier looks boob tape is sticked more firmly in a bottom to top motion. For deeper cleavage tape is sticked from the outer edge of the breasts towards the inner and upper end in a firm motion. Breast tape comes in a variety of shapes, designs, thicknesses, colors, and widths to choose from.

Does the tape bra really work?

This bra is admired by many celebrities, including Kim Kardashians who preferred it under shoulder-less maxis and gowns. A boob tape provides all the support and coverage as a traditional bra does. Controls bounce, lifts breasts, and does all the stuff that a bra is supposed to do. Can be worn to any occasion especially under sleeveless, backless, and shoulder-less dresses. A variety of available designs, colors, and sizes makes it preferable over a regular bra. A new must-have in your wardrobe.

DIY tape bra at home:

A boob tape can also be made at home with surgical tape or duct tape: the cloth one, not the paper one, flexible, soft, and skin-friendly. But remember un-taping can be a little painful if you have body hairs or sensitive skin so be careful. The video tutorial above explains how to put on the boob tape.

Tips on taping breasts:

• If you want to cover just nipples, put some fabric or soft wool and then tape nipples. This way it will not hurt on un-taping.
• It’s normal the breast tissue will accumulate between tape strips. If you end up with too much skin between tape pieces then don’t pull your breasts too much when taping.
• Don’t apply over broken skin.
• Don’t apply any moisturizers or body lotion before taping on breasts.
• Stand in front of a mirror or take help from someone to apply tape.
• Take a hot shower if you find un-taping painful and difficult.
• Apply strips of tape around the breast to get the desired look. At first, you may find it difficult but remember it will take a few goes to get a good result.
• If you find some residue after removing the tape use some baby oil to get rid of that.

Achieve different looks with a tape bra:

The following video explains how to create cleavage with duct tape

To flatten your chest, apply the tape across breasts from one end to another as shown in the video below


• Cheap a roll can be used multiple times: Usually, a roll is a minimum 5 meters long that can go a long way.
• No need to wash just discard after first use: Breast tape is for one-time use only and is thrown after use. No washing problems anymore use and discard. No mess save on time and money
• Invisible: Transparent breasts tape is ideal for situations where a traditional bra fails to help
• A quick fix if you lose your bra somewhere: A rescue if you accidentally lose your bra somewhere else. Above we have discussed how to make a bra from duct tape at home.
• Free size: Breast tape can support breasts of all ranges from A to D. No more worries if you cannot find the best fit.
• Also suitable for plus sizes: Often size D and above keep complaining about bra size. A Breast tape can also be an option for them. Just keep experimenting with a Breast tape and you will come to know how to apply it to get the best fitting.
• Can also be worn under a regular bra: Boob tape also comes in handy if your regular fabric bra is a little worn out. You can get support from tape bra until your new purchase.


• Can be a little irritating to persons who have extra sensitive skin: Although Breast tape is designed with skin-friendly material some women with extra sensitive skin may find it irritating and uncomfortable. It is advised to try other boob brands that may give you coverage without any discomfort if you are a big fan of boob tape.
• Cannot be carried in extra humid and hot weather because tape may lose stickiness due to sweatiness. In hot water, the tape bra may lose its position due to the production of sweatiness on the skin. It is recommended to avoid Breast tape on hot days to avoid any embarrassment.
• May cause discomfort if sticked improperly. Beginners may find Breast tape irritating at the start but keep practicing soon you will find the best position and angles to get the desired coverage and support
• Nonbreathable: A non-breathable material may cause discomfort if you wear it for long hours

When to wear a tape bra?

A Breast tape can be worn by anyone at any time. Whether you are a school-going girl or office lady relaxing at home or going to a party with a backless shoulder less dress you can wear it. Beginners who find it difficult to handle traditional bra can take advantage of Breast tape because of its pros mentioned earlier i.e.: no straps no back. Also, Breast tape takes the shape of the breasts so it’s also preferable for women who do not find a perfect fit of bra for them.

It is advised to do a patch test of boobs bra before applying it to the body.If you find a boob bra is not an option for you than check invisible bra.

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