All you need to know about a posture corrector bra

Struggling with bad posture…..But wearing a bra and a posture corrector belt at the same time is not an option for you. No worries anymore when you have a posture corrector bra in hand. Let’s see what is a posture corrector bra and how it works?

What is a posture corrector bra?

As the name shows posture corrector bra is a bra that acts like a bra and also as a posture corrector belt. We all know that sitting up straight and standing up with shoulders pulled backward is said as a correct posture. Office jobs or sitting for long hours on mobiles and computers destroy the posture and we start hunching. We can always get back good posture by using posture corrector exercises and devices.
Posture corrector belt helps you to keep your back straight and prevent hunching by pulling shoulders outwards. Posture corrector bra is a bra with a built-in posture corrector belt that supports breasts as well as keeps your shoulders outwards to improve your posture.

posture corrector

Why a posture corrector bra?

Many females suffer from bad posture but cannot wear a bra and a posture corrector belt at the same time because of the following reasons:

Too many pieces of cloth on the body: A bra, on top of that a posture corrector belt on top of that a shirt on top of that a sweater, and then a bag on my shoulder. It’s not affordable at any cost.

Weather is too hot: When the weather becomes too hot for example temperature goes above 35% one cannot bear too many pieces on her body.

Feel discomfort: Bra straps than posture corrector belt than my camisole too much pressure on shoulder and back. Why do this to your body?

Makes you look heavy: Wearing a bra and a posture correct belt at the same time can make you look heavy and weird.
Cannot manage both belt and bra at the same time: At times it becomes difficult to position bra and belt in their actual positions they are meant to be because our body is not trained to carry a boob lifting accessory as well as shoulder pulling accessory.

Feel too much pressure on chest and shoulders: Bra pulls boobs against gravity and belt pulls your shoulder towards outwards shoulder may start paining and irritation.

After research of many years’ scientists came up with an idea of a posture corrector bra for females who want to improve posture, give support to their boobs but cannot wear both at the same time. A posture corrector bra looks like a normal bra from the front but its back is designed like a posture corrector belt. It supports your boobs as well as keeps your back straight to prevent slouching.

posture corrector

Does posture corrector bra work?

We collected different reviews from the internet and here are our findings. Overall posture corrector belt got 4.7 stars on different e-commerce platforms.

Marry: The back support is great. A bra with all the features I was looking for.

Kate: I bought this bra because of back and shoulder pain and within an hour I felt relieved

Verity: It’s a perfect bra. I can’t live without it

Sara: It puts little pressure on my shoulder but that’s what it is designed for. I hope it will remain the same after the first wash.

Maria: No doubt it is working. It helps me to retain a good posture throughout the day I will buy more. Recommended.

Catchy: It pulls your shoulders outward but you cannot wear it for a full day. It hurts.

Sarah: It works but is not recommended for older women who need more support.

Bard: I had back surgery. Now I am using it on my doctor’s recommendation. It helps a lot

Wolf: Bra is good but could not wear it for more than 20 minutes

Marilu: It fulfills its promise to improve posture but does not look sexy at all

Will: It didn’t fit me properly. I think my posture is bad enough now I should go for surgery.

Tim: I have strained muscles and shoulders because of all-day work at the computer. I was looking for a posture corrector belt when I saw this bra. It’s a miracle. I cannot live without it.

Pros of posture corrector bra

  • Money-saving
  • Improves posture
  • Support boobs
  • Do all that a traditional bra do
  • Do all that a traditional posture corrector belt does

Cons of posture corrector bra:

  • Cannot be worn on top of a shirt.
  • Posture corrector bra can cause discomfort if worn for long hours.
  • It can’t be removed like a posture corrector belt because it is worn inside a shirt and also supporting boobs.
  • A low-quality posture corrector bra will save your money but will not fit properly and cause discomfort.
  • The dependence you won’t be able to maintain a good posture without a posture corrector bra.
  • You feel like you are wearing something.

Where to buy:

Posture corrector bra is available on Amazon and different eCommerce stores. Here we are recommending you to buy Comfort Aire Bra Posture Corrector Lift Up for $21.99. This bra is sexy as well as made up of breathable material. Designed in an anti-sweat honeycomb pattern that prevents sweating by crossing air all over the surface that keeps you fresh all day. Lift and supports your breasts softly and cause no pain and discomfort. Elastic and hypoallergenic material that is skin-friendly and feels like no bra is there. Easy to wear. No more spillage full coverage. Supports your back keeps it straight. Hide bulges. Comes in padded and non-padded options. Seam less design. Available in different sizes and colors.

Posture corrector bra is a tool whose advantages cannot be denied. But it is recommended to wear it for a short period in the beginning at then gradually go up. Also, if you have any spine issues or any medical or accidental history please discuss with your doctor before going for this option. If you feel unusual pain after its use then stop using it and contact your doctor.

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