8 reasons why woman need to wear a bra

Do you remember when you reached the age of 12 or 13 your mom gave you a packet that had a bra inside? Have you ever wondered why she gave us a bra at that age? Why do we need to wear a bra? Why can’t we live without wearing a bra? Why some of the bras are so expensive? This article is going to answer some of the questions and explains reasons why woman need to wear a bra.

Reason why woman need to wear a bra: Improves posture

A bra enhances the shape of the breasts and provides support to shoulders and neck which ultimately improves posture especially if your bra size is bigger than 44. The good news is this there are posture corrector bras available in the market that provide more coverage than a normal bra and helps to retain correct posture. The back of Posture corrector bras is specially designed that keeps the spine align and prevent slouching. Have a look at some posture corrector bras available.


Prevents breasts from sagging

Breasts are made up of elastic fats that keep losing their elasticity with the age. A bra can keep breasts in shape up to some extent but cannot control sagging which appears with age. To retain breasts shape, shape several uplifting procedures are possible that can be done on doctors’ recommendations. You can read about breast uplifting procedures. Although these procedures are successful and cause no harm, researchers suggest wearing a bra that fits you throughout your life to keep breasts in shape and avoid surgical procedures, because the more you stay close to nature more healthy and contended you will be in your life.

Reason why woman need to wear a bra: Increase beauty

A perfectly fitted bra gives your body an ideal shape and your clothes look good on you. A bra changes your overall look. A good bra also changes your mood you feel beautiful comfortable and relaxed. If you are overweight, a rightly worn bra can hide your extra pounds and make you look slimmer which ultimately increases your beauty. Moreover, you will find more people attracted towards you that will also increase your confidence. A good bra is a woman’s confidence. A woman knows that how it feels when she is wearing a bra, when she is not wearing a bra, and when she is wearing a poorly fitted bra. When a woman is not wearing a bra, it gives her temporary comfort but gives birth to many problems like nipples can be visible from a light color shirt or breasts start bouncing or can start sagging if a bra is avoided for a longer period of time. On the other hand, a poorly fitted bra can give red marks shoulder pain neck pain discomfort, and poor shape. A good bra gives you confidence and a good feel. When you feel good you do good. A woman needs a good bra to carry a maxi or a gown to a party otherwise she will lose her confidence and beauty.

“A right bra can change your world in an instant Laurie Van Brunt Soma President”

Reason why woman need to wear a bra: Look younger

Loose clothes loose bra flat shoes can add approximately 10 years to your current age. Go for a beautiful bra wear a body shaper a little heel and feel and look younger than your age. A variety of bras are available like lingerie, full coverage, or half coverage that help you to control the shape of your bust.

Reason why woman need to wear a bra: Modesty

Breasts are very attractive to males and visible part to males being the secondary sex organs. Uncovered breasts and dark color nipples are more visible if you are wearing a light color blouse like a white or baby pink. A bra minimizes the appearance of nipples and areolae by covering the whole area. You look more graceful, self-sufficient, and confident when you are wearing a nicely fitted comfortable bra.

Sex appeal

Bras improve the look of our breasts. For example, bras can enhance the shape of breasts make cleavage more visible, and improve the side view of breasts. Even when we are wearing just a bra it makes you look even better in term of sexiness. Moreover, there are a variety of bras available like lace bra, strapless, full coverage, beaded, stoned, bikini, lingerie, see-through, push up, thongs, bralettes, cheeky briefs that make you look sexy, hot, young attractive, and cool. So you can go for a specific bra on a specific occasion. For example, on a wedding day you can go for a lace bra or less coverage or bras decorated with pearls and beads.

Ditch guys

Sometimes we want to attract others or make someone feel jealous of our beauty. At those moments we can take advantage of padded bras and increase our size to make our clothes look perfect on you. Although big breasts are not always admired but when you are wearing a maxi or a gown you need to expose more to define the true shape of clothes you are wearing and attract opposites. A variety of padded bras are available which can increase your size from 34b to 36b and more.

Bounce Control

Did you ever notice when you are running or climbing stairs and you are not wearing a bra your breasts start bouncing like a yoyo which is embarrassing and looks awkward and ruins your image? Although sometimes we like this dancing but it looks very odd to others so it’s a good idea to wear a bra to keep breasts in shape. Wearing a bra keeps breasts attached to the body and controls this bouncing when you are walking at a faster speed.

A bra adds to your beauty, keeps breasts in shape, and makes you look sexy and much more. A good bra is the most important necessity of every woman. Every woman should take it seriously and should invest in it. If you buy 4 to 5 bras, they will be enough for your full one year. But first, you need to find your correct fit of bra because a wrongly fitted bra can give you pain, bad posture, and red marks on the body. It is also recommended to try 3 to 4 bras before purchasing one because bra manufacturing companies use different measuring standards.Here we have listed some Different types of bra for different dresses with pictures.

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