8 Questions Guys Shy to Ask About Bras — Answered

Today we will be answering 8 questions that guys shy to ask about bras. Let’s begin:

Can I wear her bra?

Nah…It will D-shape the bra and the bra will lose its original shape. Your girl will become angry if you do so and unknowingly you may end up wasting hundreds of dollars {bra price ranges from $30 to $1000 or plus}. If you are excited about wearing a bra, ask your girl to measure you and get a bra for you of your size.

Why women wear bra?

The second Question Guys Shy to Ask About Bras is Why women wear bra?

Apart from many medical reasons woman wear bra to:

question guys shy to ask about bras

Control bounce: Boobs are made up of flexible tissues that keep bouncing like a yoyo without a bra that looks very awkward. To understand this in more detail you can think of a boneless piece of beef that is placed on a dish if you slightly move the dish the piece will shake a lot. In the same way, boobs keep dancing to and fro and give a weird feeling and look.

Support: Women with big breasts need extra support to carry the weight of breasts. Without a bra, big breasts cause back pain or shoulder pain and extreme discomfort. Women with big breasts prefer to wear specially designed bras for larger boobs to get the required comfort and support.

Coverage: To cover boobs especially nipples. Nipple’s dark color makes them visible under lighter-colored dresses without a bra. Sweating can also reveal a woman’s breasts clearly if she is not wearing a bra.

Beauty: For decades bra has been manipulated to increase beauty. For instance, a padded bra helps women with smaller breasts to look bulkier. A push-up bra creates a clear coverage to achieve a sexy and hot look. In the same way, lace and beaded bras are worn to attract and seduce boys.

Are boobs pressable under bra?

The third Question Guys Shy to Ask About Bras is Are boobs pressable under bra?

Answers are both yes or no, If she is wearing a delicate silk, lace, sheer or non-padded bra, you can feel and press boobs like nothing is there. But if she is wearing a padded bra then it’s not possible. But please ask her before pressing boobs otherwise you will end up with a slap.

Why most of the bras are in beige colors?

The fourth Question Guys Shy to Ask About Bras is Why most of the bras are in beige colors?

Most of the bras are in beige to hide the truth that the bra is there. Women want to cover their breasts as well as the bra. So, the bra is usually bought that matches the skin color to hide it under light color dresses. Colorful and lacy bras are only for special moments.

How to take off the bra?

why woman wear bra
It’s very simple than you think.

Bra with hooks: Bra has hooks at the back. When it is meant to take off the bra simply unhook the hooks You may find similar types of hooks on your pants, jackets, sweaters, or coats.

T-shirt like a bra: This bra looks like a short T-shirt starts at the shoulder and ends at the rib cage. When you wish to take it off simply take it off how you take off your T-shirt.

Stick-on bra: Another type of bra is Stick on bra that is made up of adhesive silicone material. Stick on bra is a strapless and backless bra that is stick to boobs like a sticker and removed from the breasts as the sticker is taken off from any surface. Removal does not cause any harm, discomfort, or pain.

Spaghetti strap bra: Spaghetti bra has spaghetti or laces that are tied at the back as you tie your shoelaces. Simply un-tie them to remove the bra.

Tube bra: Tube bra is also a strapless bra and can be removed like a T-shirt.
1 out of 100 bras is designed to open trickly, a woman usually wears it when she wants to play with her partner.

Is bra uncomfortable?

The answer can be no or yes. A nicely fitted bra causes no ache, discomfort, and irritation. On the other hand, an ill-fitted bra can give birth to many apparent and medical issues. For example:
A smaller bra than the actual size feels like someone is held tightly by chains. Tight bra leaves red marks over body moreover it gives birth to following problems:

Breathing difficulty: Tight bra holds the chest so tightly that it becomes difficult to breathe. Think of a very tight shirt of yours that you wore last time and it gave you the same feeling.

question guys shy to ask about bras

Shoulder pain: Tight bra causes extreme shoulder and back pain that if it is worn for a longer period it can result in complex muscular problems.

Unable to move properly: A woman cannot move properly when she is grabbed by a very tight force.

Damage to breast tissues: Too much pressure affects blood circulation in the breast tissue which then affects the normal growth of the breast.

No coverage: A small bra does not fit properly and does not cover the breast properly.

In the same way, a too loose bra also gives birth to many problems like

No coverage: Lose bra provides no coverage because it does not fit properly, and boobs find a space to move freely.

Undefined shape: Lose bra often gathers at chest and ruins all the shape and look of boobs.

No support: Loose bra provides no support at all and breast tissue starts sagging if worn for a longer period.

Should I know more about bras to impress my girl?

Yes, she will like it. It will give her a feeling that you are taking interest in her and are making extra efforts to impress her. Tell her all you know about bras or bra brands ask her about your favorite bra brand and take her for bra shopping. But don’t buy a bra blindly upon guesses because bra sizing is difficult more than you think.

What does 32D mean?

Is 32 the weight in grams of the breast and D is the color of nipples. No 32 is the size of the band that is measured around the rib cage and D is the volume of boobs.

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