7 tricks to make your breasts look bigger quickly

Who doesn’t want an instantly sexy look in an inexpensive and non-surgical way? The good news is there are a plethora of ways available that can make your breasts look bigger instantly without the pain of pocket and body. So, let’s see what are 7 tricks to make your breasts look bigger quickly.

Padded Bra:

1st trick to make your breasts look bigger quickly is Padded bra.Padded bra as the name shows is a bra with built-in layers of Polyurethane (PU) foam sheets molded in a 3d manner. The more layers the more volume bra will provide. Even Victoria’s secret produces a bomb bra that claims to provide a volume of two sizes…. Isn’t that a convenient option for every woman who wants to look sexy at special events? Also, the padded bra comes in a variety of styles and designs to meet your all-different needs like strap-less, backs less, one size boost, or two size boosts. A must-have for every woman for special occasions.

Perspiration Bra

Silicone pads:

Silicon pads is another way to make your breasts look bigger quickly. Silicon pads are small pads that are inserted in cups above nipples to get a bust boost. They are also called cutlets or chicken cutlets. Put cutlets inside cups to get a fuller look. Available at Walmart at an affordable price in free size.

silicone bra


A good posture can do more for you than you think. Backward and outward shoulders not only support your body but also gives your chest an outward push towards a perky look. If you find it difficult to practice, just take support from a wall at the start. Stand with a wall for 5 to 10 minutes daily in such a way that your shoulders are touching the wall and are in complete contact with the wall. Backward shoulders give the chest an instant outwards boost that enhances your figure and shape. Keep practicing and your body will get used to it. With the time extend this 5 to 10-minute duration to half an hour until you can stand without help. Stop practicing this exercise if any pain or unhealthy symptoms appear.Lear more about good posture.

good posture to get perkier breasts

Make-up Contouring:

A time comes in every woman’s life when she wants her chest to fit in her shirt better, or she wants more cleavage under a low-cut dress to look attractive. The good news is you can achieve the heavy look with some contouring tricks and don’t need to go under a blade. Watch the following video for help.


Loose clothes make you look flatter. Empire line garments, lots of frills or embellishments on your chest area, fitted tops, ruffle tops, plates along the torso, or body area give a heavier look on top. A sharp waist will produce the illusion of an hourglass figure with a heavy bust. Belts around the belly button or a little above are also a way to go.

Bra Strap Clips:

Remember bra strap clips that convert your bra into a racerback bra. They are also capable of holding your little minions back and on top. Worth trying.

Racer back Bra Converter


Still, if you don’t find any option for you don’t worry this last option will grab your attention. Use socks to get a fuller look. Don’t laugh and underestimate the power of socks. A pair of socks can help you when nothing else works. Just put each sock in each cup and here you go. Keep in mind that the rotation of socks should remain the same on each side to get a natural look. Don’t worry give it a try. Also, place socks firmly or make use of tape or glue so that they don’t fall in the middle of an event. Hahaha, In the same way, you can make use of napkins, make-up pads, toilet rolls even period pads.

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Tricks to make your breasts look bigger quickly

7 tricks to make your breasts look bigger quickly

Who doesn’t want an instantly sexy look in an i...

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