6 reasons why men wear a bra?

Bra is not just a woman thing, man can also wear it for fun, coverage, or support. Maybe you have seen WWF players wearing bras during games. Did you ever wonder why they do so? Do they do say to attract an audience or do they need support? Today we will be exploring 5 reasons why men wear a bra?

Men wear a bra for fun:

Often when friends and cousins gather at home and by chance, they are alone they do many weird things for enjoyment and fun. One of the weird things is to try mom’s or sister’s bra for pictures to post on Instagram and Snapchat stories. Oh, next morning you can find your bra out of shape then don’t be shocked. Next time keep them in a secret place and don’t leave them alone.
Sometimes your partner may also wear a bra to have fun with you. Man thinks that it will please their partner if they wear her clothes. Girls enjoy wearing a T-shirt of boys, boys enjoy wearing bras of girls.

man wear bra

Men wear a bra sexual fetish:

Some man likes big boobs in bras. When they don’t find them around, they start making use of themselves to satisfy their needs. Often when they are alone or with a partner only they wear a bra to satisfy their sexual fetish.

Men wear a bra to surprise partner:

This is one of the cute things] why men wear bras. They think that doing so will please the partner and she will love them. But for your information please don’t do so because it will d shape the bra and your partner can be angry. If you want to surprise her then buy a bra of your size and then please her.

Men wear a bra for Support:

Gynecomastia is the term used to explain male breast development. Almost 15% man in the world develop breasts due to the use of some medicines, workouts, use of steroids, or some health conditions. The use of steroids, marijuana, legitimate pharmaceutical drugs, medicines describe in depression, anxiety, pastorate, heart conditions can grow breasts in men. Surgery cannot be done always to remove grown breasts due to medical and health conditions. In this situation, men prefer bras to hide their nipples and boobs to hide embarrassment and also to get coverage. Because sometimes they feel neck and shoulder pain due to heavy breasts.

Men wear a bra for curiosity:

Like women are curious about man things man also have the curiosity of woman things like bras. They have a lot of questions in their mind like how the bra feels, why women wear it, why most of the bras are in beige etc. So, for curiosity sometimes they buy a bra or stole your bra when you are out to check how it feels.

man wear bra

Men wear a bra for crossdressing:

Some men are just crossdressers and wear woman’s clothing and also bra. They feel attracted towards bra and do so. Some people think that it’s a mental disorder and some think it is normal.

It’s quite normal for a man to wear a bra. Next time if you find a guy wandering in the lingerie section don’t get upset and stay relax because you don’t know what he may be going through.

Next, we interviewed a different man that why they wear bras, and here is their response:

Wendy: I am a crossdresser and to feel sexy I wear a padded bra and put socks in it for a real boost. I used to do so 10 years ago. In 2015 I got breast surgery and now I have my natural C cup size that I enjoy a lot.

Smith: Man, wear a bra as a personal choice. In New York, it’s quite normal for men to wear a bra but if you visit a small town or village it’s still unacceptable there. But the world is changing. So do you.

Gupta: Man can wear a bra for fashion but not on a regular basis

Bill: Wearing a bra feels wonderful…It’s like someone is hugging me all day.

Judet: There is no reason why a man wears a bra. I think they have some mental issues. Do women wear a bra for bounce control but man no way?

Micheal: I think when men have grown breasts they should go to a surgeon or gym. And yes if they feel self-attracted toward the bra they can wear it.

Doe: I am a crossdresser and I have been wearing a padded bra for 15 years under all my dresses. I want to look more like a woman and a bra completes my look.

Sharma: Man, wear a bra if they have Gynacomastia at the gym to hide embarrassment. Some wear it for fantasy or pleasure. It’s a small thing a piece of cloth and not a matter of debate. We cannot determine another person by just a piece of cloth.

William: Man and boys enjoy it so they wear it or maybe they have boobs like a woman not like a man that’s why they wear it. I think you also want to wear a bra and asking me. Go ahead it’s your life you don’t need to ask permission or opinion from anyone to wear a bra.

John: Man has started to wear bras as a fetish or to understand how bra feels.

Ella: I think if a man wears a bra, he is not a man. Why a normal man would wear a woman’s clothes when he already has good options available for especially himself. If he needs support he should wear compression skirts or any belt or sports shirts.

Luvuno: Not a big deal. You can wear a bra if you want. I also wore that.


I wore bras for the following reasons:
• I was playing truth and dare and I was given a dare to wear a bra
• I gained weight two years ago and started wearing a bra but then lost weight and stop wearing a bra
• My sister wore it so that I

Tomi: I wore my wife’s bra and panties and masturbate when no one is at home. I enjoy this. One day my wife caught me and she told me that she thought a rat is misaligning her bra drawers was in a real shock. Then she measured me and bought me two bras of my size and warned me to stay away from her stuff in the future.

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