6 ideas to make Halloween bra at home

Didn’t get your desired design of a Halloween bra? Don’t worry today we have come up with some ideas that will enable you to create your favorite Halloween bra look at home. So let’s check how to make a DIY Halloween bra.

The first method to make a Halloween bra at home using laces:

Accessories required

  • Bra
  • Metallic Trim
  • Glitter Ribbon
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Glue

Step 1. At the top front of the bra spread a lot of glue according to the width of the lace.
Step 2. Stick ribbon to on the ribbon where you spread glue in the first step.
Step 3. Now spread glue at the lower bottom front of the bra and stick the second ribbon lace
Step 4. Let it dry according to glue instructions.
Step 5. Take fabric cutting of animal shapes from old curtains or clothes and stick them with the help of glue at the starting of straps at the front side
Step 6: Let the bra dry overnight
Step 7: Your super bra is ready

The second method to make a Halloween bra at home using pearls and wires:

The second method to make a Halloween bra at home is described in the video. This method can be difficult to carry for beginners but trust me you will enjoy it.

The third method to make a Halloween bra at home using match sticks and cotton:

Accessories required

  • Bra
  • Match sticks
  • Black Paint
  • Cotton
  • Black thread
  • Fabric Glue
  • To make this bra first you need to make a spider web with the help of match sticks. Stick match sticks end to end with the help of glue in the form of a circle. Place three to four match sticks vertically to create a web-like look. For ease, you can draw a web on paper for reference and then follow that sketch to make a web.
    To make a spider take a cotton ball a make a knot half an inch from the start of the ball. Tie a thread there neatly. To make spider legs again take match sticks and join them in form of legs as shown in the figure.
    Let all these things dry overnight. To join spider with the web put some glue on the web and join spider and web with each other.
    In the last step, you can join the bra with the web with help of glue or thread and your spider Halloween bra is ready.

    For more creativity, you can paint match sticks and spiders to black, red blue, or any color which you like. Also, you can make an ant with cotton or cockroach or lizard even snake to make you stand out on coming Halloween.

    The fourth method to make a Halloween bra at home using pom-poms:

    Things required

  • Bra
  • Pom-pom of animal shapes
  • The method is pretty simple. Buy some pom-pom of animal shapes and stick them to your bra with help of fabric glue. Let the bra dry overnight or as mentioned on fabric glue packaging and your DIY Halloween bra is ready.

    Fifth method to make Halloween bra at home using fabric paint:

    If you are good at painting you can take advantage of that skill to design a Halloween bra for yourself. You can paint skeletons or animal faces or anything you would like to carry on Halloween to impress others.

    Sixth method using card paper:

    This method is my favorite and very easy to carry.

    Things required

  • Old bra
  • Card paper
  • Homemade Halloween bra

    Draw a bat wing on the cardboard with the help of a pencil. Bat wing does not need to be drawn perfectly. Cut down the drawn area. Now paint that piece to black color. In similar ways make some more cuttings.
    You can attach these cuttings to the bra in multiple ways. You can attach them to the center of the bra band. Another way to attach these cuttings is at the end of the bra straps on the front side. You can also attach bat wings like tassels.
    To do this make a hole in the center of the bat wing. Pass a thread through this hole and then attach these tassels to the bra band with the help of fabric glue or needle and thread.
    Similarly, you can make any animal cutting for your Halloween day. At the end of the day, you can remove these cuttings easily and use your bra regularly.

    Pros of making bra at home:

    Money-Saving: Most of the above-mentioned methods don’t require any special or expensive equipment on the other hand designer-made Halloween bras are very expensive. It is not wise to spend money just for few hours of celebration.
    Make your favorite design: Sometimes It is hard to find exactly what you want. But no more worries when you can easily make it at home.
    Good for heavy-busted women: Designer-made bras mostly come in sizes A, B, and C so no more worries for a heavy-busted woman when they can make themselves.

    Cons of making bra at home:

    Time taking: Although a homemade bra works well at the cost of time especially if you are a working lady.
    Can end up with a disaster: You may end up with a total disaster if you never tried any art before. So it is advised to do some practice before making an actual bra. In the same way, you can make a Christmas bra at home.If you think that the above-mentioned methods are difficult for you, you can buy a Halloween bra here.

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