4 methods to find bra for men

It’s totally ok when a man wears a bra. Every 1 in 10 men in New York wears a bra. Men wear bras for many reasons like sexual fetish, fun, please partner, support, or curiosity. If you are a man and want to wear a bra and don’t know how to find a bra for yourself then here we have listed four methods to find a bra for men.

1st method to find bra for men using bra calculator:

The first method to find a bra for a man is pretty simple. It’s the same method that is popular among women to calculate bra size. The whole method is explained in the video below. Use a bra size calculator to find your bra size and then buy a traditional bra. If you are trying a bra for the first time it is recommended to try a bra before buying.

Free size bra:

If you don’t find a perfect fit bra for yourself then don’t get disappointed because bras also come in a free size that takes the shape of the wearer like other free-size clothes. Free size bra looks like a sleeveless T-shirt with a built-in bra that starts at the shoulders and ends at the end of the boobs. Free size bra is made up of flexible material that stretches according to the shape of the body. You may have seen a sports person wearing such types of bras. Free size bra is also easy to put on and off and there is no hassle of bra strips and hooks involved.
Free size bra is also not easily visible under clothes and also provides full coverage and support like a normal bra. The best option for beginners.

man wear bra

Stick-on bra:

Stick on bra is a backless strapless free-size bra that looks like a sticker. Stick on bra is sticked to the body like a sticker but provides full coverage and support that a normal bra is supposed to do. Learn how to use a stick-on bra. The stick-on bra comes in different colors and shapes but usually, beige color is preferred to hide bra visibility under clothes.

invisible lift up bra

Use tape bra:

A tape bra is the best option for MEN because you can make it at home for experience without spending a single penny. To begin with, take electric tape duct tape and cut small strips. Stick strips to boobs in a bottom to up motion as shown in the video and your tape bra is ready.

tape bra

Tips for men who want to wear a bra:

  • Please shave your breasts before putting on a stick-on bra or tape because these bras will not stick properly to the skin and will pull hair.
  • Don’t put a moisturizer on skin before putting on a stick-on or tape bra
  • Do a patch test of tape bra before applying to skin
  • If you see red marks over the skin then stop using the bra and consult a bra fitting expert at your local bra store
  • If you don’t get a perfect fitting bra then seek help from a bra fitting expert at a local bra store

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