18 Bra parts that you need to know before next shopping

We see a bra as a combination of three parts band size, cup size, and straps. But do you know it consists of 35 parts and 60 seams that all have definite functions? So, let’s see what these bra parts are that you need to know and what they do.

Parts of bra

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1 Upper Cup:

The first bra part that you need to know is the upper cup or top cup as indicated in the figure. The upper cup defines the shape of the breasts. Sometimes it is made up of flexible parts like elastic lace or band. Elastic lace adopts the shape of the breasts and gives more flexibility and support to different size breasts and also prevents the upper cup from losing its shape.

2 Under Cup:

Under cup or bottom cup helps to raise the breasts upwards and outwards. Under cup comes with padding or lining for an extra boost to breast size. Usually, the under-cup is made of non-elastic material for a better lift and firm shape.

3 Cup Side:

The cup side prevents the breasts from floating outwards towards the armpits. Usually, cup sides are meant to push the breasts inwards towards the center for better shape and cleavages.

4 Seam Changes:

The fourth bra part that you need to know is Side seam. Side seam is not always there depending upon the design. Side seams are often created on bras to follow the shape of the body for a better look and fitting.

5 Wing:

The back part of the bra joins the front and back of the bra together.

6 Back:

The back of the bra is the most ignored part in the selection of a bra. It provides support even more than the cups and band of the bra. It is often elastic to hold the bra in position and provide comfort and support to the breasts. The back of the bra comes in different heights, materials, and different elasticity levels to choose from. Backs also come in different designs like racerback to fulfill different needs.

With advancements in technology now bras are coming with backless designs to provide support under backless clothes. Learn more about backless bras.

7 Centre gore:

Centre gore is a part that joins cups at the center of the body as shown in the figure. It can be of different heights, big or small (in low-cut bras) depending upon the design of the bra.

8 Raised bottom edge:

On some bras specially wired bras, the center is designed in a V-shape or a curve shape. This cut provides extra comfort while sitting or bending especially if you have a swollen stomach. It also allows wires to sit perfectly on breastbones to give maximum support to busts.

9 Underwire:

Underwire is a curved wire present at the bottom of the cups to provide extra lift to saggy breasts, especially in old age. Underwire can be removed or installed back when required.
10 Cup seams: Cup seams can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or all depending upon the design of the bra. Usually, the cup seam enables the cup to take the shape of the busts and sit smoothly on them.

11 Slider:

The slider can be at the front of the bra or the back of the bra. But in most cases, it is present on the front of the bra. If your bra straps are too tight or too lose you can adjust them by moving the slider towards the front of the bra or towards the back of the bra to find the perfect position according to your body.

12 Apex:

The point where bra straps meet the cup is called Apex. It comes in different designs like lace designs or elastic bands to make the bra more comfortable and nicer looking.

13 Armpit.

This cut follows the shape of the body and comes in lace as well as plain designs with different heights.

14 Décolletage.

This is not the part of the bra but the bra shapes this space. For example, a padded bra that pushes boobs towards each other will create a famous sexy tunnel over here called cleavage. The bra comes in different designs to achieve deep cleavage, less cleavage, or no cleavage in this space.

15 Adjustable hook:

Hooks are present usually in every bra to fasten the bra. Usually, hooks come in 3 to 5 steps for more adjustment and flexibility. As the bra is worn-out bra can be tightened at the inner steps to get the tighter fitting.

16 Shoulder straps.

Shoulder straps come in different widths elastic and inelastic designs. Adjustable at the front or back of the bras. Bra also comes with nonadjustable shoulder strap designs.

Parts of a bra

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17 Cradle

The part around and below the cups is called cradle.

18 Band length

Full circumference of the bra from one end to another

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