15 Other Things You Can Do with Your Bra

If you ever think that a bra is only be used to hold your ta-tas you are mistaken. There are several other ways you can take advantage of your bra. So, let’s enlighten your thoughts today on 10 Other Things You Can Do with Your Bra.

Number 1 thing You Can Do with Your Bra: A Rope:

bra as rope

The first thing You Can Do with Your Bra is to use it as a rope.
Let’s suppose you are on a hiking trip with your friends and need a rope and could not find rope anywhere. What to do now? Don’t worry when you are wearing a bra. Take off your bra and ask your friends to also do so. Tie tightly all the bras end to end and you will get a beautiful rope with a variety of styles and colors. After the job is done untie the bras and wear them again.
In the same way, you can do a suicide prank with your friends. Tie all your bras around your neck to portray you are committing suicide. Please don’t take it seriously.
Also, you can tie your bras to play tug of war with your friends when you don’t have ropes with you.

Number 2 thing You Can Do with Your Bra: Period pad:

Second thing You Can Do with Your Bra is used it as a period pad.
Oh, are you a person whose period is always of time? Don’t worry as long as you wear a bra. The bra comes with highly absorbent fabric and padding that can absorb period discharge for a full day. In emergency periods when you don’t have any tissue or pad or tampon with use make use of the bra. Fold the bra the same length as a length of a pad and place it in your underwear and forget about any stains.

Number 3 thing You Can Do with Your Bra: Bandage:

Third thing You Can Do with Your Bra is used it as a bandage.
At times we or other people around us get a deep cut and we could not find a cloth or bandage to cover the wound. Take off your bra and cover the wound with it. The bra has padding that will absorb the blood and may block further bleeding. But make sure you are wearing a clean bra because a dirty bra can cause infection.

Number 4 thing You Can Do with Your Bra: Tie papers:

Fourth thing You Can Do with Your Bra is used it to tie a bundle of papers.

Don’t have a rubber band or lace to tie a bundle of papers. Papers are spilling everywhere. A bra can do this job. Tie a bundle of paper with a bra until you find a proper thing designed for this purpose.

Number 5 thing You Can Do with Your Bra: Headband:

Fifth thing You Can Do with Your Bra is used it to tie a bundle of papers.
Having headaches and don’t have the strength to find a proper headband to tie your head. Don’t overthink when you have a bra. Tie it around your head as you tie a proper headband and sleep well. Surely, you will get some relief.

6. Waistband:

No need to invest in a waistband when you occasionally wear it. A bra can be your waistband until and unless you have a medical reason. Wear it around your waist wrap it around the waist how tight you want then tie it at the front. Always wear a bra on your waist when lifting heavy weights or doing aggressive exercises.

7. Duster:

Could not find any cloth for dusting. Don’t throw away your old bra. Sometimes bras are made of micro fabrics that can catch dust like a proper microfiber cloth. Take a bra and start dusting how you normally do on dusting days.

8. Bath loofah:

No need to buy a bath loofah when you own an old bra. Bras are as soft as loofah also bras length enables them to clean across the back that a short bathing loofah cannot do. Super soft, absorbent, and long length what a bra cannot do as a loofah?

9. Jumping rope:

Yes, a couple of bras tied together can become your jumping rope when you don’t own a jumping rope. Tie them tightly end to end and your jumping rope is ready.

10. Toilet paper:

Stuck in a situation with no water and toilet paper. No tissue or any help? How to clean yourself? Don’t forget you have a bra make use of it and then dispose of it in a proper place.


11. Sleeping mask:

On picnic and forgot your sleeping/eye mask at home? Can’t sleep in darkness without a mask? No need to worry and make your bra your sleeping friend. A bra will keep away bright light away from you and also will provide all the comfort that a normal sleeping mask does.

12. Hold warm objects:

You may be cooking on hilltops or in caves, where it is difficult to carry all the kitchen stuff with you and need to cook also because you don’t want to die with hunger. So make use of a bra to hold hot objects and food that you cannot hold with a naked hand.

13. Bra within a bra:

There comes a time in every small breasted woman to show more? But cannot afford a padded bra or misplaced it somewhere and now getting late for the party…What to do know wear a bra than take your other two bras and fold them and put them inside your cups to get an instant boost. Please make both boobs are looking of the same size.

14. Man, as pockets:

Man or woman can also use a bra to hold things nearby. How to do so? Just wear a bra on your shirt and put things in it. let’s suppose you are fixing a wall handing put nails hammers or anything you need and carries your work without the need of a second person. When you need anything take it out from the bra that you are wearing on your chest.

15. Donate bra:

Lastly, a big population in the world cannot afford bra. Third-world countries and war zones cannot afford food then how can they afford a bra? Your small act of kindness can do a lot more for someone than you think. Many third-world countries like Pakistan and India depend on these donations to meet their necessities. So always donate your lightly-worn bras and other items to relevant organizations.
Now you know many uses of bra other than a bra that you may have to find awkward especially the toilet paper one. But belief me necessity is the mother of all inventions. No need to cry over things when you have other ways to make it out.Learn more on How often should I check the fit of my bra.
Learn more on other things you can do with your bra.

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